ETech 2008 conference schedule


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  1. Dan Tentler says:

    I’ll see you guys there :)

    I’m talking to and Wired magazine to go as press.

    I was there last year, it was a blast!

    I’ve also signed up to speak at a BoF about ‘reality hacking’ (modified version of the talk I gave at BarCamp San Diego 2)

  2. Jeff says:

    It really sounds interesting. Is it supported by all sorts of engineers? It seems like an eclectic list of topics. I hope this site will cover some of the highlights. It’s always interesting to see what will result when different types of creative intelligence gets together.

  3. David Pescovitz says:

    @Jeff, yes, the multidisciplinarity of the agenda is definitely reflected in the audience too. In previous years, Cory has liveblogged his notes from the conference. Also, there are many other bloggers who do the same. Once the event starts, I’m sure the ETech site will link to the various blogs covering the proceedings.

  4. Chris Spurgeon says:

    I am SO THERE.

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