FuBar demolition tool

At Cool Tools, Jonathan Coupe reviews the FuBar demolition tool:

The FuBar is a single cast piece of high carbon steel that looks like a prettied up hammer. One end has a hammer and a tearing, armour-penetrating beak, while the opposite end has a conventional pry bar and nail puller. You can use it to drive nails, but what it really excels in is F'ing things up beyond recognition -- hence FuBar. You hit something with the axe-like end until it's weakened, then hit again, twist to pry, and CRUNCH!



  1. I must have one! And then I must destroy something with it! The best part of home remodeling is the demolition.

  2. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite characters in Richard Linklater’s great film, Slacker (1991)

    Old Anarchist: “And remember: the passion for destruction is also a creative passion.”

  3. I have a shed in the back garden that needs removing… it’s crying out for one of these!!!

  4. My Son Stanley (2) gave me one of these for Christmas bless’im. I found suitable work for it just today and have to say – it works as well as it looks!
    Oh Yes – and his new favourite word? ‘FuBar’! Might take some explaining at pre-school..

  5. My dad got one of those for xmas. There are lots of hammer-nail pullers out there, but this one goes a step further.

    The “tearing, armour-penetrating beak” is for grabbing/straitening/ripping out 2×4’s.

    And what a great name!

  6. Stanley actually makes these in two sizes, regular, and large. I got one of the smaller ones for working with concrete pavers, it’s pretty handy. I thought that they were a little pricey at @ $30. It is also kind of a drag seeing so many tools being made in China, especially knowing that their origins are U.S.

  7. I can’t help but think that someone, somewhere, is going to be the first person ever to be killed by the FuBar.

  8. @15-

    If the get close enough for you to use it, you’re already one of them, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. I’ve had a chance to use one and it’s all that and a nickel bag! This thing is great for breaking shit and doing it efficiently.

    I have yet to use it on a person, but I did a tear-out two weeks before the holidays and found that it saved me time as I did not have to carry as many tools for the demo; I just hung it from the hammer hook on my belt and went to town.

  10. This is pure tool porn.

    Let’s, er, flesh it out a bit, eh?

    Bud hefted the FuBar, the muscles in his powerful forearm flexing as he ran his fingertips along its foot-plus length, feeling its heft, caressing its head. He stepped out into the backyard, slowly approaching his prey. It had been the children’s playhouse, but now it was all his…

  11. Since the Deathstick hammer is so hard to find these days, this has been on the top of my “Zombie Killing Implements” list for a while. Old news, but nice review.

  12. I don’t think so. It looks like while you bash with one end you get your wrist defiled by the other. I don’t need any tool that fights back!

  13. 4: Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite characters

    Wait, Bakunin was in Slackers?

  14. Church @17: Yep, looks just the job for despatching French knights stuck in the mud at Agincourt.

  15. But how is it at dispatching zombies? Claw hammers work well at penetration, but tend to get stuck in skulls.

  16. perhaps a Teflon coating and spring-loaded ejection plate? A few months of field trial and I am sure the optimal degree of claw curvature (balancing easy insertion with quick withdrawal) could be found.

  17. My father got me a Fubar Extreme for Christmas, probably the most awesome tool I’ve ever gotten from him (other than my MIG welder). He got my sis a regular Fubar, and there’s definitely a bit of weight and size difference between the two.

  18. @30: Perhaps not PERFECTLY designed for the zombie apocalypse, but it’s cross-platform utility during a robot revolution should be more than obvious.

  19. I’ve been wanting a FUBAR tshirt.
    Now we have a graphic for it. Any Makers want to get on this?

  20. As a firefighter, I have used this tool since the minute I heard about it. I’d reccommend it to anybody out there, especially if I have any firefighters out there in the crowd.

  21. The 2-jaw thing behind the hammer id for twisting boards. It’s usefull to position floor joists ans stuff.
    Od course you can use it to twist boards free, like the top of studs, or where a floor joist ties in to everything else.

    I jused to cary the japanese nail puller thing, it’s superior at pulling out nails driven past flush, but this thing could be pretty handy too. The wedge piece is usually a different tool.

    I’d weld a bigger hammer head on it and it’d be great. With a nil gun, holding the board in place is a pain in the palm.

    Did you know the modern framing hammer started out as an axe, then guys were cutting the axe part off and replacing it with claws?
    Hammers rock.

    Very few things in life can’t be fixed with a big hammer, a come along/chain hoist, and a chainsaw.

  22. You want a stud/joist straightener? The Fubar has its limited uses but nothing beats the shop-built.
    Take three or four feet of 1″ to 2″ pipe, put a bit od a crank in it and weld two stubs of 1″ pipe perpendicular. You slot the dimension lumber framing element in the business end and reef away. Fix wracked walls, hold crooks and bows for nailing and rip the crap out of demo jobs.

  23. Hey want something better check out the Demo Hammer. The best multi-use hammer on the market bar none. I saw it at demolitiontools.net their web site pretty cool too. I bought one and it has been the best investment for a hammer!!. This demo hamer is drop forged and ready for DISTRUCTION.

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