HOWTO Make pixel-art cookies with a Play-Doh extruder

Eva sez, "My husband and I figured out a way to make 8-bit style cookies with a Play-Doh extruder. We've uploaded a how-to, along with pictures of our Tetris cookies, question blocks,and so forth." Link (Thanks, Eva!)


  1. That is an absolutely brilliant method. But is anyone else’s inner videogame OCD screaming “ROTATE THE RED BLOCK! ROTATE THE RED BLOCK” yet?

  2. @1

    Mine is going “Where’s the gap? Why aren’t the completed lines disappearing?”

    Although I suppose you could nibble the offeding bits off…

  3. Mmm… I used to dream in Tetris when I was in college, playing it too much. Now I can eat it too!

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