HOWTO Make pixel-art cookies with a Play-Doh extruder


4 Responses to “HOWTO Make pixel-art cookies with a Play-Doh extruder”

  1. nanoquimico says:

    This could develop into an entire industry.!!

  2. plainsight says:

    Mmm… I used to dream in Tetris when I was in college, playing it too much. Now I can eat it too!

  3. Spatch says:

    That is an absolutely brilliant method. But is anyone else’s inner videogame OCD screaming “ROTATE THE RED BLOCK! ROTATE THE RED BLOCK” yet?

  4. eevee says:


    Mine is going “Where’s the gap? Why aren’t the completed lines disappearing?”

    Although I suppose you could nibble the offeding bits off…

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