HOWTO make edible googly eyes -- and an edible Flying Spaghetti Monster!

The wonderful folks at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have figured out how to make edible googly eyes (snip the ed of a gelatin pill capsule pop in a round cake-sprinkle and affix it to half a Whopper; they demonstrate the technique with this excellent edible Flying Spaghetti Monster effigy!

While the gelatin capsules have a dome on each end, they have a lot of space in between that we really don't need. The photo above illustrates how much of each end we want to keep: the domed part plus a few millimeters. As it turns out, you cannot use the scissors to actually cut it there-- it will crack or suffer permanent creases, making it useless for our application...

Next, we're going to need rolling pupils for our eyes, and these fit the bill perfectly. These are Wilton Jumbo Rainbow Nonpareils, one brand of *giant* round sprinkles a couple of millimeters across. Our big surprise: these actually taste pretty good-- they're flavored candy. The downside is that we only really want dark pupils, so there's some fishing around to find them in the assortment..

Link (via Neatorama)