Net Neutrality summit: San Francisco, Jan 26

Amy sez,

The University of San Francisco School of Law, Intellectual Property Law Bulletin is sponsoring "The Toll Roads: The Legal and Political Debate Over Network Neutrality," a symposium to increase awareness about network neutrality, bringing together lawyers, academics, economists, and technologists for a balanced debate on the issue. Panelists include Timothy Wu, Richard Clarke, Lawrence Spiwak, and an attorney from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among many others. There's also a chance some surprise political figures may make an appearance...

When: January 26th, 2008 8 AM - 7 PM
Where: Fromm Institute on the University of San Francisco main campus
Cost: Professionals (6.0 Units MCLE Credit): $100
Non-professionals: Free - $75 (see registration page for details)



  1. Wait a minute. The conference on net neutrality is charging different prices to different users, based on each individual’s desired level of usage?

  2. Actually, neither. One is for the general public, the other, higher price is for lawyers who want to get MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) credits. The minimum amount of “study time” that a lawyer needs in three years is 25 hours. This accounts for almost a year’s worth of required continuing legal education.

  3. Smithale’s explanation still sounds like they’re offering a varying fee structure that is based on the user choosing whether they want to take advantage of additional features.

    Does it really cost the Bulletin $100 to manufacture each customer’s MCLE credit?

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