Auction for a haunted house's worth of furnishings

Pasc242 sez, "Tom Sarris Orleans House, a fixture of Rosslyn, VA for over thirty years, is finally closing its doors. The resulting auction contains all the wrought iron, baroque furniture, and antique accoutrements that gave the place such a dark and gloomy atmosphere. This stuff screams haunted mansion; if you're looking for that kind of ambiance, look no further." Link (Thanks, Pasq242!)


  1. Sad! Orleans House was a cornerstone of my 20s – when I was po’ and couldn’t afford to eat out at someplace like Outback, it allowed me to have a nice-restaurant experience at a low price. It was definitely stuck in the ’70s – possibly the ’60s – but that was part of its charm.

    My boyfriend and I will be in DC in May, and I was hoping to bring him here. Now I’ll never have the chance. Sad!

  2. Drag! I ate there too – I lived just up the road in Clarendon. It’s a shame to see Arlington these days, anything unique or old has been / is being smashed in favor of horrid new mega structures – It’s like the Borg assimilated Northern Virginia.

  3. Actually, the Orleans House has been around and family owned for about 46 years, and according to an article I read there is one woman who has been working there for 42 of those years.

    I think on closing day + 1, they should scuttle the steamboat-shaped salad bar in the Potomac as a memorial to the Rosslyn that used to be.

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