Hairy Rockers in Amsterdam

Today in my ongoing series of photos from my travels: these hairy parody rockers who showed up in the back of a truck after one of the sessions at last year's Picnic conference in Amsterdam, all spandex and Cousin It wigs. Link


  1. A far better way to stay anonymous than KISS’s makeup. . . and really– two lead guitarists, and a drummer with only a snare? I wish they weren’t a parody, but serious. (check out the band “Nitro” for probably the closest a metal band came to self parody while still trying to be serious. Their 80’s video for “Freight Train Comin” is on youtube and is hilarious– biggest hair, most lead guitar gimmicks.)

  2. I like that the singer’s, erm, hair, has become snagged on the guitar. I looked at the pic and went “well wouldn’t it get caught in the.. oh yeah, lookit that.”

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