My OpenCongress: track every bill and lawmaker in Congress


7 Responses to “My OpenCongress: track every bill and lawmaker in Congress”

  1. simonmac says:

    Yeah, I would love something like this for parliament in Australia. Fantastic site.

  2. ASM says:

    Congress isn’t back in session until January 22nd.

  3. davidmoore says:

    Hi there ASM — it’s true that Congress is just getting back into town and slowly gearing up for business. To be more specific, the House convenes for a meets at noon tomorrow, Tues. Jan. 15, while the Senate has a few pro forma sessions this week before convening on January 22nd.

  4. Takuan says:

    more useful: a money tracking system. Anyone working on that?

  5. Crash says:

    Takuan: has a fairly extensive database of who has contributed to whose political campaign. I was slightly amused to learn that my favorite television actor and I both supported the same lost cause.

  6. Takuan says:

    I was hoping for a list of bribes, but OK.

  7. craig1st says: looks very interesting. Thanks for the link!

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