Dalek-based security on the Toronto subway

Jordan sez, "Toronto's subway system is pretty hardcore. The indicator on this TTC turnstile could not be clearer: 'If you try to dodge the fare, you will be indecently assaulted by a Dalek.' Either purchase tokens from the wall-mounted vending machines or travel by TARDIS." Link (Thanks, Jordan!)


  1. This would be even better if there were a police-box within eyeshot, especially given that underground metro systems are one of the few places where they still do exist in a functional capacity…

  2. doh. sorry. i haven’t seen any episodes regarding that. but its in all the news articles regarding the series and the actress.

  3. portable,self-propelled, heat seeking public conveniences?~ “URINATE! URINATE! URINATE!” (well, they are the right shape)

  4. I could never sit through an episode of Dr. Who, but thanks to boing boing I now know a Dalek from a Tardis. Thank you Whovians. I’m enriched by your experience.

  5. If that’s the toilet plunger end, then the doors to a whole new world of innuendo have just swung wide and from the abyss has emerged a new fetish.


    and I think that warning system’s a failure, which half decent doctor who out there wouldn’t have loved to be anally penetrated by a Dalek?

    Then again, the system might be a success, if they are measuring success by the amount of dissapointed fans who were not penatrated after violating the pay toll/no tardis rule.

  7. All the Whos down in Whoville,
    The tall and the small,
    Were running from Daleks
    That were shooting them in the @r$e?

  8. Benny (14), could you please hyphenate your compound adjectives and capitalize your proper names? I had to read your comment three or four times before I could tell whether it was randomly generated.

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