Designer presents his life as a corporate annual report


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  1. Susan Oliver says:

    This would be great instead of the average annual holiday letter.

  2. Raian says:

    That was pretty smart.

    What applications did you use to put that together Mr. Feltron?

  3. seyo says:

    CORRECTION: his last name is Felton, FELTRON is is DJ name. I know, because he’s a buddy of mine, we went to RISD together. (I actually havent seen him in years, I feel bad about that…)

  4. Jeff says:

    I’ve often wondered what my life would look like if graphed in various ways, in 3-d. I wonder what we look like when just our Good deeds are graphed?

  5. Attila says:

    I saw this yesterday, linked from Daring Fireball. I was wondering about the apps he used to put this together, too.

    I was also wondering about how dedicated he had to be to actually keep track of all of this throughout the year – on the first page of the report in “The accounting of an average day” it says “20.6 annual report measurements”.

  6. feltron says:

    seyo is right about my name, but the two monikers are blending together everywhere, so I don’t mind it.

    The document was all composed in InDesign, with the maps constructed in Illustrator.

    Every day I recorded all the trains, cabs & streets I walked. Where & what I ate & drank, plus all the ancillary information that lends some spice to the year, like travel, celeb sightings and burglar confrontations.

    thanks for reading!


  7. ChrisM70 says:


    Cool idea.

    My question though is this:
    How did you manage to get 38 DAYS of vacation? :)


    And Radiolab is a really good podcast.

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