Designer presents his life as a corporate annual report

Designer Nicholas Feltron produced a corporate annual report for his life last year, chock full of infographics, statsporn, and even a flowchart! Link (Thanks, Nicholas!)


  1. CORRECTION: his last name is Felton, FELTRON is is DJ name. I know, because he’s a buddy of mine, we went to RISD together. (I actually havent seen him in years, I feel bad about that…)

  2. I’ve often wondered what my life would look like if graphed in various ways, in 3-d. I wonder what we look like when just our Good deeds are graphed?

  3. I saw this yesterday, linked from Daring Fireball. I was wondering about the apps he used to put this together, too.

    I was also wondering about how dedicated he had to be to actually keep track of all of this throughout the year – on the first page of the report in “The accounting of an average day” it says “20.6 annual report measurements”.

  4. seyo is right about my name, but the two monikers are blending together everywhere, so I don’t mind it.

    The document was all composed in InDesign, with the maps constructed in Illustrator.

    Every day I recorded all the trains, cabs & streets I walked. Where & what I ate & drank, plus all the ancillary information that lends some spice to the year, like travel, celeb sightings and burglar confrontations.

    thanks for reading!


  5. Nicolas:

    Cool idea.

    My question though is this:
    How did you manage to get 38 DAYS of vacation? :)


    And Radiolab is a really good podcast.

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