Large truck converted to mobile home

Photos of a garbage truck UNICAT TerraCross converted into a nice living space. Looks well-fortified against a zombie attack, too.

This machine combines the rugged "go anywhere" off-road capabilities of the MAN 6x6 with the comforts of living at home. Safe 2 years of design, construction and testing. Built to the exacting standards of the world-class UNICAT engineering team, this "Home on Wheels" is ready for your immediate occupancy. You do not need to be a experienced expedition traveller.

Link (Thanks, Bill!)


  1. Pretty swanky and way cooler than a Winnebago!

    However, the owner has got to be incredibly anal. His kitchen drawers have custom fitted cutouts for each of his matching storage containers. Everything else also appears to have a custom fit storage location–no spontaneity there…

  2. I believe this is a professionally built expedition “motor-home” type of vehicle. It was never a garbage truck and in fact is extremely expensive, thus the elaborate interior.

  3. It’s still cool. And I like the Scandanavian inspired interior. It’s nicer than my place.
    And if you keep movin’ around, you could avoid property taxes?

  4. I love things like this. About a year ago my previous boyfriend and I had a 47-foot blue bird school bus that we converted into a motor home. It was awesome!

  5. I think those low windows by the couch that are reachable from the outside would actually be a liability during a zombie attack.

  6. I wouldn’t mind living in one of those. Well, if gas weren’t an issue. At any rate, I wouldn’t mind living in a house of that size and shape without the truck part!

  7. Unicat built the MaxiMog that Bran Ferren designed for Nathan Myrvold. I saw it at the Museum of Modern Art in 2001 and it was pretty impressive.

    “The system can ford five feet of water, climb a 45 degree slope and provide a comfortable living and work environment at -70F to +130F. ”


    “The diverse range of accessories include a high performance Motorbike, an electrically powered UAV aircraft which can fly up to 10 miles away from the MaxiMog® while transmitting back it’s position and live video, and an ROV teleoperated undersea vehicle.”

  8. This reminds me a lot of the Mini-Home at

    Especially the design of the bed about the rest of the living space. The living room doesn’t look particularly well designed, though: are three massive couches necessary in a living space that small? I could understand if it had a massive pull-down movie screen or something. Now THAT would be awesome.

  9. That might be a good design for a cargo container house as well. It seems to have roughly the same dimensions.

  10. Kewl, I want one, but I agree he spent way too much time in the kitchen. I’d want mine in the back. More office and move the living space up. You could serve from a bar and forget the table. Neat Idea!

  11. The outside photo of the truck does NOT appear
    to be accurate to me.

    Look at the long side windows and the rear window
    as depicted by the interior shots, then look at
    the exterior view of the vehicle.

    There are 2 long, rectangular windows on the
    vehicles right side (considered from driver’s
    right)– one toward the back and one over the
    kitchen sink. There’s 1 long, rectangular window
    on the left side toward the back, and another
    on the rear:

    True, there are “slots” on the sides toward the
    rear but the size of the slots seems less long
    that as depicted inthe interior.

    However, there is NO slot on the right side that
    corresponds to the window above the kitchen sink.
    This slot would have to be on the right side,
    at a height level with the top of the right-side
    door, and its just not there.

    The depicted vehicle is not the vehicle in which
    the interior shots were taken.

  12. I believe this is a “pop-up” vehicle where the roof raises to give additional room inside. It’s a sleeve-within-a-sleeve design so it makes the window openings smaller or even disappear when it’s “stowed.” The outside pics are of it stowed. The inside pics are of it raised.

    The first floor is usable with the top lowered, but the upper floor is not.

    Addrake: It’s not exactly a hoax it’s more of a single incorrect data point in an otherwise good story. Rather, to match your tone, Way to fly of the handle, man, nice overreacting!

  13. YAY TerraCross

    they turn Unimog into sexy motorhomes for the true professional.

    I’ve seen one of these in the pits at a Paris Dakaar, but never seen actual pricing.

    I believe the reason for all the different comments on the interior/exterior photo diffs is due to photos of different machines.

    If I had unlimited funds? this would definitely be in my stable.

    I especially like the 2 KTM dual sports hanging off the back of one.

    this beats heck out of the classic American Fun-Mover for zombie deterrence.

  14. Greetings

    Note to Skep:

    Its not ANAL, its a design feature, clearly you are not paying attention

    Its an expedition vehicle that might travel on rough roads, up and down and along steep inclines – anything not in a “custom fit location” is likely going to spill, break, etc

    That sound is the umm point going by, try to catch it or a clue ;)

    Enjoy the journey


  15. But does it have a ramp in the back I can use to drive inside Knight Rider style? That’s the only really important thing…

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