Knitted, dissected froggy

Emily Stoneking knitted and felted this dissected frog sculpture for her Etsy store (it's sold out now, alas!): "The frog is hand knit from a silk/wool blend, and his little innards were needle-felted by hand out of 100% wool. He comes pinned into his black wood 8 x 10 inch frame, but he is not glued down, so you can take him out and cuddle him if you wish." Link (via Neatorama!)


  1. Emily, if you can knit and felt a fetal pig I will purchase a gross. For instructive purposes of course. Maybe some cuddling. We’ll see how cute they are.

  2. The words “sold out” sound so final. Emily (who is my wife) has made and sold two of these so far and she will no doubt make more (and there are other fine cuddly items available too).

    I’m admittedly pretty biased, but I think Emily also has a damned fine medieval history/old English/knitting blog too.

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