The Downfall of HD-DVD (video)

Link, and apologies for the Godwinian implications (thanks, Russ Gooberman!)


  1. Wow! I had to turn the sound off to watch that. I speak German and the disconnect between the audio and the subtitles canceled them both out. Total brain meltdown – I couldn’t follow either! Maybe Bose could try this as a way to make brain-noise canceling displays or something …


  2. It’s less funny when you realize that if HDDVD truly dies, we’re left with an HD format that is so anti-consumer it isn’t even funny.

    Or maybe I’m just a luddite for wanting to buy a movie on physical media.

  3. Oh, having said that, though, how about, before you make one of these things, running the script through a spell-checker first? “Loyality?”, “Phenominal?”… Completely bounced me out of the experience when my eyes tripped over those doozies.

  4. As someone who hasn’t really followed this epic struggle, is everything he said true, or is this a dire prediction of a world that’s yet to come?

  5. Just an FYI, this is not the first time this video has been used like this. First time I saw it was re-subtitled showing Hitler losing his XBOX live account for having a modded xbox. Equally hilarious.

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