World's largest captive python


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  1. terryhadalittlelamb says:

    I have seen this snake, she is pretty huge. I took my photo with her:

  2. h3llc4t says:

    Terry, I’ve seen her too. She’s beautiful. It’s interesting that the plaque in her enclosure identifies her diet as pigs when, in fact, she eats rabbits. I thought this was quite unusual (I’d think the hooves would be harder to digest), and my only thought is that the diet was misidentified to avoid upsetting younger visitors.

  3. LaHaine says:

    For everybody who is using metric units: the length of the snake is 7.3m.

  4. Beanolini says:

    It’s not necessarily the ‘largest’ snake in captivity, as the summary states- the article itself describes it as the ‘longest’.

    Reticulated pythons are relatively slender, so it’s possible that there’s a captive anaconda somewhere that’s ‘larger’ if not longer- anacondas are much bulkier snakes.

  5. cortcort says:

    holy smokes; why havent i seen this snake yet?
    i’ve already decided that i am going to take a road trip to ohio to see her!


    ooh and to add to the kangaroo comments… i will take one if you give me one (: okay thanks

  6. EH says:

    Wait, so a kangaroo is only $5k?

  7. showcasejase says:

    US$15,000 for three roos? You do know they’re considered a pest by many farmers in Australia, don’t you?

    I could probably catch some for you…

    AFTER I take boxing lessons:

  8. miss dreadful says:

    Wait a minute… I think the real story is how the movie Snakes on a Plane has negatively affected the ability to transport snakes on planes. According to Pete Fingerhut, at least.

  9. NickP says:

    Miss Dreadful:

    When I was a kid (in the early 80s), I carried a garter snake across the Atlantic in my hand luggage. At the time, the flight attendant just told me not to let it out on the plane. I guess if a 10-year-old kid tried that now, they’d probably tase him and add him to the no fly list..

  10. deepy says:

    You mean to tell me that the largest python in captivity is equivalent in value to seven lousy kangaroos? I like kangaroos but I think a cost/benefit analysis is in order here. On second thought those roos can produce a lot of joeys which could then be, you know…

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