Raquel Welch: Space-Girl Dance

Three cheers for the kind soul who posted this video of Raquel Welch in a space girl outfit dancing in front of giant abstract sculptures (where are they?) (Via Eye of the Goof)


  1. I find that if someone asks about the location of crazy sculptures, I can answer by saying either Berlin, Prague or Cardiff.

    Funky video though. What was the music?

    And, well… As for Raquel, that woman was hot before hot was cool.

  2. that has made my day.

    completely random brilliantness.

    I want one of those silver suits so much right now.


  3. That has to be up there with Maya Deren’s “A Study in Choreography for the Camera” as one of the best dance-film shorts ever made.

  4. Man! More evidence for the fact that human earth women wear more clothes than on any other planet.

    More space women!

  5. Yes, yes. Awesome, Awesome!

    Whew. A bit long, but man did they know how to make viral videos back then.

    It definitely explains where Daft Punk got their video ideas.

  6. The following link says that the yellow sculpture in Denver was designed by the same artist who designed the version in this video. A taller copy was commissioned and completed in 1986. Based on the age of the video, the version in the video must be the original which was built in Mexico City for the 1968 Olympics.


  7. Dan: I find that if someone asks about the location of crazy sculptures, I can answer by saying either Berlin, Prague or Cardiff.

    The first thing that came to my mind was Berlin!

  8. I think this is from the 1970 TV special titled simply Raquel! (Yes, the exclamation is part of the title.)

  9. my favorite part of scantily clad ladies back then – that the belly button was the most important part to cover up. “crotch shot? sure, but don’t you dare show me that button!”

  10. What’s missing from this video is the song that surrounds the dance (the dance is a dream sequence right in the middle). That song is…”California Dreaming”. Really!

  11. Wow! She was and is a beautiful woman. There are more than a few pretty girls in Hollywood today, but where are the Raquels, the Ann Margarets, the Tuesday Welds, the women who make you want to bite the heel of your hand while making primal noises in the fashion of Lenny from Laverne and Shirley?

  12. …For every Yin there is a Yang. The Yang to this video can be found here:

    (*Can* we imbed YouTube videos from a post?)

  13. Oh how sad.
    Anyone notice around 1:44, 1:45, that the guy on the left missteps and almost stumbles?

  14. Raquel! What a classic beauty! Even in her futuristic skimpiness, it is still all 60’s! I love the 60’s women. I love the mini-skirt and go-go boots! What a horn-dog that turns me in too! hehehehe

  15. Durante los juegos olímpicos de México 68, se construyó el paseo de la amistad, integrado por una escultura por país participante. Dichas esculturas se encuentran ubicadas en el Periférico, principal arteria de la Ciudad.


    Firts of all, excuse my english.

    During the olimpic games of Mexico 68, each country build a sculpture in the “Paseo de la amistad” or “Friendship Boulevard”. You can find this sculptures in the principal freeway of the citi: Periférico Sur.
    I hope this information will be usefull for you.

  16. For you that are suggesting this video was shot in either Berlin, Prague, Cardiff or Denver, I’d like to confirm Azttlan’s comment: All the sculptures featured in this video are part of the ruta de la amistad Mexico 68 olympics public sculpture project, and they are all in Mexico City. Although all those locations have now been swallowed by the growing city, and look very different from how they used to look. Some references are here:

    Ruta de la amistad, Sculpture 1, Sculpture 11, Sculpture 13


  17. That dance sequence comes from the 1970 TV special, “Raquel!” (I recently rented it from Netflix; the clip above is the best part of the whole show.)

    Here is a synopsis:

    Take a trip down memory lane with a pair of pop-culture icons as actress Raquel Welch welcomes singer Tom Jones to her splashy 1970 television special. Filmed around the world in exotic locations from Paris to Mexico, the show features guest appearances by legendary performers Bob Hope and John Wayne. More than just a pretty face, the multitalented Welch also sings, swings and jokes with the best of them!

  18. Kick ball change, turn, toe touch and slide, fourth position, slide, fourth position, slide, fourth position, slide…now hips two three, hips two three…double time…round the like and touch back three, round the leg and touch back three, kick ball change, touch back three, kick ball change, chase, glide!

  19. The African Anteater ritual…. That’s Awesome. I haven’t thought about that in a long time.

    Whatever happened to that Patrick Dempsey guy anyway?

  20. I think it’s OBVIOUS that the dance sequence at the end of Napoleon Dynamite was from the PAST!

    Can’t wait to see someone make a video mashup!

  21. #39 Rick: You can always watch the original (Gwen Verdon dancing to Mexican Breakfast) at this link instead:

    Much less annoying in my opinion…and still genius.

  22. #41, the skull? It loops for me as well, but only in the embedded version. Youtube ends as normal.

  23. She used to be a weather girl on a local San Diego TV station when she started out. I remember praying for cold fronts.

    Is the African Anteater Dance the one from the movie where some dork hires a beauty to be his date and all goes to hell from there?

    And is it just me or does this dance routine look like a pre-cursor to Britney’s lame ass moves?

    My favorite RW movies: Magic Christian; 1,000,000 BC; Kansas City Bomber

  24. OMG. This is the kind of thing that showed up in the sixties and seventies when I was a kid that just made me know I love women!

  25. If you want to see the location of one of those giant sculptures, just paste this into Google Earth:

    99.1850357056 W 19.3033313751 N

  26. ..sigh.. my fun has been taken for true..

    I know it’s Antinous’ old username..


    ..just having a giggle.

    *stuffs hands in pockets, kicks a rock*

    ..goin’ home :(

  27. I do have an administrative sock puppet called admintest, but he’s reserved for research projects in which the subject might become permanently disabled or terminated.

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