Free Jumper comic preview


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  1. Steve Stair says:

    I loved the original book (Jumper), and the sequel (Reflex), and the movie-prequel novel (Jumper: Griffin’s Story) wasn’t bad either. I’m hoping the movie manages to do justice to the book.

  2. Spherical Time says:

    Every little bit I see really drives home how much they changed the premise. If you can’t have fighting in sci-fi movies, they don’t seem to want to make them anymore. I agree with Alex.

    However, I’m sort of surprised that NomNomNom thinks that The Stars My Destination would make a better movie than Jumper. The main character (I forget his name) was an awfully angry and unsympathetic character. True, there were lots of opportunities for large explosions, but I disagree that it would make a better movie.

  3. Alex Spence says:

    The book was truly wonderful. As someone with an anxiety disorder, the book really hit home for me, and I’ve always loved it. The fact it’s being made into a movie makes me happy for the author, but I’m really worried about the film from the trailer. It seems like it’s taking more from Reflex than Jumper, and to me Jumper wasn’t about an ancient war so much as a great story about family life and issues of anxiety.

    or, in short- :(

  4. NomNomNom says:

    Jump or Jaunt?

    Alfred Besters book The Stars My Destination / Tiger! Tiger! would have made a better movie. Can’t they adapt anything else than childrens books these days?

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