Katamari Damacy cake kicks ass

Olivia sez, "My friend made this incredible Katamari Damacy cake for her boyfriend. A trifecta of awesomeness: delicious, cool, and impressive."

Agreed. Check out the Flickr set for obsessively detailed photos of the cake's construction. Link (Thanks, Olivia!)

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  1. It looks like the usual artistic “cake” creation that is highly dependant on a layer/s of marzipan or pliable fondant which is used as an exoskeleton. I’ve never found these cakes any good for anything but looking at.

  2. Dear Sweet Hopping Spaghetti Monster, people. It’s a CAKE. For a CELEBRATION. It’s PRETTY. It’s SWEEEEEEEEEEEET. It’s FUN!

    Sheesh, lighten up.

    The only thing that would be cooler than getting one of these cakes made for me would be a matching set of Katamari cupcakes (roughly spherical and covered with diverse sorts of crap molded out of fondant) to hand out as favors/post-dessert desserts.


  3. Rob, do you really like fondant? YUK! Butter cream, royal icing, or cream cheese icing, but Fondant? It has nothing to do with good pastry and everything to do with crap that only looks good. A good pastery chief knows how to use this stuff, but it’s always for effect, not taste.

  4. For the record – the cake was extremely delicious! You’re right, though, we didn’t eat the fondant. IIRC the filling was Blackberry and there were several delicious and moist layers. I hate cake, too, btw. (I had cupcakes at my wedding.)

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