Robot High School

Jeff Spicoli says

Robot High School is a music video directed by Roel Wouters with music by My Robot Friend.

Despite how it may appear, the video was shot in a single take with no significant computer-generated effects added, just some minor post-production cleanup.

Robot High School allegorically questions what happens when our perspective and views of reality are manipulated by those in authority without any moral concern for the outcome.

Robot High School is the title track on My Robot Friend's newest album due in 2008. You can download free copies of the video and song and find out the latest news about the album at:



  1. Bravo, bravo! A common message for a reason, videos and art like this is necessary…and great tunes. And well-made. :D

  2. The ball coming over the hill and the surface and back drop rolling by reminded me of some footage that was often repeated in speed racer cartoons.

  3. That worked for me. And I was pleased to see that my preliminary guess on how it was being done seems to have been correct.

  4. Very funny is the guy in the black suit moving the whole scene in the end of the clip :) Look to the left.

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