Robot High School


5 Responses to “Robot High School”

  1. kip w says:

    That worked for me. And I was pleased to see that my preliminary guess on how it was being done seems to have been correct.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very funny is the guy in the black suit moving the whole scene in the end of the clip :) Look to the left.

  3. Bazilisk says:

    Bravo, bravo! A common message for a reason, videos and art like this is necessary…and great tunes. And well-made. :D

  4. bpm140 says:

    A remix of Robot High School closes a killer mix I featured on my site last week.

  5. lava says:

    The ball coming over the hill and the surface and back drop rolling by reminded me of some footage that was often repeated in speed racer cartoons.

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