Three-eyed piglet with two snouts

This is a piglet born in China that has two snouts, two mouths, and three eyes. According to The Telegraph, the piglet lives on the farm of Yang Qiaofen of Huimen village, Menla County, China. From The Telegraph:
Cycpig While it is able to feed - "both mouths can drink at the same time," noted a surprised Yang, who is feeding it on powdered milk - it is unable to stand properly.


  1. It has THREE eyes, as the article clearly states, which is WAY cooler than just one.

    And both mouths can feed at once, suggesting it has more than one, or at least a Y-shaped, esophagus.


  2. Looks like holoprosencephaly (do a Google image search if you’re not squeamish–lots of human examples)

  3. I wonder what pollutant is all over China that is causing all these weird birth defects? Or maybe they just make a bigger deal about them than other places?

  4. #13 – Holoprosencephaly is probably behind cyclops kitty, but not sure about this one – does it ever produce three eyes rather than one? Not sure whether this is the same thang.

  5. I wonder what it would be like to see with three eyes, especially set all around its head like that. It must have a huge field of view.

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