Dodd's 30-minute anti-wiretapping barn-stormer -- video

In this remarkable 30 minute speech captured from CSpan, Sentator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) speaks eloquently and rationally about the risk to America and its people should Congress pass the new FISA wiretap law, which will forgive phone companies for participating in the NSA's illegal warrantless spying on the entire nation. While Constitutional non-believers like Harry Reid are calling for a swift passage to the bill -- so that he can jet off to Davos and play with the hedge fundies before they all commit seppuku -- Dodd is vowing to fight it and fight it and fight it. It's time to call your Senators and let 'em know that you believe in the rule of law and freedom and security.

Pointing out that not all telecoms complied with the request from the Bush administration to listen in on private conversation of American citizens unless they were given a court order to do so, Dodd also questioned where such violations would end, and warned the notion of Americans giving up rights in order to be safe was a "false dichotomy that is dangerous."
Link (via Isen)