HOWTO build a cardboard spaceship

Here's a set of instructions for building a great cardboard rocketship playhouse from out of washer-dryer boxes (there's even some tips for scoring free boxes!). You'll need cardboard rivets -- the site'll sell you them and more formal plans for $25. Plenty of other fun cardboardy stuff there, too. Link (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. I used to peg Womp Rats in one of these back home.

    They had a size restriction back then of course…

  2. I had a side-by-side refrigerator carton for a spaceship when I was a kid. I drew controls all over the inside with crayons.

  3. where can you easily pick up a refrigerator box?

    I want to make a collapsible TARDIS and set it up in random places.

  4. Where can you pick up a refrigerator box? The back of your favorite appliance store should have more than a couple.

    When I was a kid, my dad would always stop and pick up a box or two for me, and eventually I had created a pretty good (for a second grader) recreation of the corridors of the USS Enterprise (the space one, not the ocean one.) Such battles were waged from the decks of my cardboard flagship.

  5. I have already collect sufficient corrugated plastic election signs to build a Darth Vader Tie-Fighter for my son for Halloween this year. It will be big enough to cover him from head to waist and include working LEDs for lasers. I built him a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine with working wheels out of cardboard for Halloween a few years ago. He enjoyed it so much that I decided to use the more durable plastic for this project. I do need to pick up some rivets though…

  6. It must be a cardboard kinda day! As a kid I always loved it when a big box was there to make into anything I wanted. Is that why my house looks like the Jupiter II?

  7. My two favorite toys as a kid: cardboard and masking tape. This is one awesome space ship and I will definitely build one with my son. Creativity is the greatist gift you can give a kid.

  8. Wow. Something else I’ve been doing just for kicks with my kids that I could be charging money for. Guess I should put all my stuff in Sketchup and put up a For Sale sign.

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