's 10th anniversary Haunted Mansion bash: a swinging wake for Mansion trufans


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  1. deepy says:

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    gss t’s cl tht thy hv Gth Dy nd Fg Dy nd Dr. Wh Dy nd whtvr ls, bt why g thr nstd f smplc tht dsn’t sck? ‘m sr smn cn tll m hw wrng m.

  2. License Farm says:

    Whether Disney himself was or was not any of the laundry list of charges levelled against him is a secondary consideration now 40+ years after his death. What individuals now do with his legacy is exponentially more important. That an independent organization has the sort of clout to celebrate people and their contributions that in a lesser system would be footnotes at best deserves nothing but respect. Shame on you, Deepy, for attempting to piss on that. What have you done that people you’ve never met, who perhaps have yet to be born, will still be speaking of in glowing terms when you reach your dotage?

  3. legotech says:

    Miles: Aside from Cory being a hardcore Disney park fan, one of his novels, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom was based mostly around the Haunted Mansion.

    And Disneyland rocks :)

  4. gobo says:

    #1 — Well, I could get all pedantic and state my case as to why Disney World and Disneyland are both showcases of groundbreakingly creative rides using storytelling and sophisticated design and art in ways that amusement parks had never done before…

    …but anyone who uses the term “Fag Day” isn’t smart enough to understand half the multi-syllable words I used in the last paragraph, so I probably shouldn’t waste my time.

  5. ste3ve says:

    The logo isn’t a Disney product, it was designed by Chef Mayhem. This is going to be a great event!

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    I guess it’s cool that they have a Goth Day and a Fag Day

    Oh no you di’n’t.

  7. Lone says:

    Love the logo. Much can and has been said about Disney’s animation but their design is equally top notch.

  8. Miles says:

    I’ve always been genuinely curious: what the fuck is up with all of the Haunted Mansion posts?

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