Mysterious, doughy, unknown blob clogs sewer


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  1. adammetal says:

    They could find out if it’s dough or not by baking it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it is Steven King’s “It”.
    Sewer + Maine + indestructible = It.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I, for one, welcome our alien blob overlords.

    A better question is: if they were able to punch through it, why not try to scoop it out? Or suck it out with a powerful vac? It seems silly to spend 40-60K on a new pipe if this goo is actually soft enough to punch through.

  4. dw says:


    “They turned out to be congealed fat people…”

  5. Chorske says:

    It’s astonishing what you find down there. I’ve visited a lot of sewage treatment plants for work-related reasons and the most revolting thing I’ve seen is an endless two-foot diamater sausage of human hair that is produced during the initial removal of solids like hair, condoms, etc. prior to primary treatment.

    This doesn’t look like hair, but I thought I’d share.

  6. Paula Wirth says:

    There is a paper-mache compound (another brand akin to Sculptamold) similar in color to this mixture… it is grey (like laundry lint) – it can soak up a lot of water… It becomes like thick gooey clay. It will totally clog up your sink if you accidentally let any go down the drain.

    Disgruntled artist at work?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Potentially tampon blob. Not supposed to toss ‘em down the toilet but it constantly happens and is a big problem at the waste treatment plants

  8. sushispook says:

    i can’t help but imagine it’s the chrysalis for some sort of giant mutant spittlebug…

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s the Cloverfield Leach Field!

  10. OM says:

    …Hey, could this be what the FSM looks like without its tentacles?

  11. elNico says:

    @#68 the Other michael

    Which generation is that, Michael? I think there might be a few here…

    Decades please, none of that end-of-alphabet stuff…I honestly lost track with that…

  12. miss dreadful says:

    Lewiston, ME? Is that anywhere near Derry or Castle Rock?

  13. Visitect says:

    Better watch out, Maine is Stephen King territory.

  14. mdhatter says:

    Lewiston, ME?

    I’ll pet it’s a mass of paper pulp from one of the mills.

  15. dainel says:

    The terrorists are trying to block the sewers in order to spread diseases and cause an epidemic. We must ban the sale of all flour immediately! And yeast too.

  16. bjacques says:

    Gelatinous cube. I bet there’s at least a couple of gold pieces inside. Go ahead, reach in there. You might get lucky.

    I was kinda hoping it was The Stuff.

  17. elNico says:

    Wow…I had such a crap day, but this thread changed all that…

    #58 Talia must get the just invented 1st price for blobby banter…I’m hurting…

  18. Stefan Jones says:

    Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!

  19. franko says:

    upon first glance, my mind conjured up the face of cthulhu out of that. then i read the headline and the story, and i’m STILL thinkin’ cthulhu… maybe an old one?? either way, YUCK!

  20. noen says:

    It’s the Doughy Pantload! (otherwise known as Jonah Goldburg)

  21. duskiboy says:

    I cant help but for me it’s obvious that the so called blob came not through the sewer but from the soil above. look at the broken concrete pieces of the sewer inside the blob, as well as the shadow of the pipe on the blob. see the bigger version for detail.


  22. duskiboy says:

    I cant help but for me it’s obvious that the so called blob came not through the sewer but from the soil above. look at the broken concrete pieces of the sewer inside the blob, as well as the shadow of the pipe on the blob. see the bigger version for detail.


  23. Chorske says:

    If it looks like dough, acts like dough…

    …and starts just downstream of a pizza place…

  24. mrfitz says:

    A church is mentioned first, then a pizza place. So either this is a huge bake sale gone horribly wrong, or the pizza place routinely dumps it’s yeast, flour, and grease (rags?) down the drain. At least it’s biodegradable.

  25. dectia says:

    I’m with Noen. Doughbob Loadpants!

  26. Nix says:

    Has anyone asked around to see if a Dr. Enrique Borgos is around there anywhere? It seems like his handiwork.

    (`… where it encountered some chemical conditions which caused it to… set. Like soft plaster. Entirely blocking the main drain…’)

    (Time to find someone ‘of previous rich military experience with drains’ to sort it out.)

    (btw, when I hit Preview, no post button is visible. Is this intended?)

  27. William Joseph Dunn says:

    I think its the newest art instillation piece by Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude. I think I liked their Central Park piece better though.

  28. Adam Rakunas says:

    Seriously, guys…Cloverfield‘s out, you can knock off the viral campaigning.

  29. Moon says:

    Every male who lived in a dormitory has seen the warnings and now this is the proof:

    If you masturbate in the shower, it’s going to clog the pipes!


  30. MrBaliHai says:

    This is clearly the work of The Tick’s archnemesis, The Breadmaster!

    “Baker of Badness, your buns are MINE!”

  31. Gal_n_AL says:

    Maybe the Pilsbury Dough Boy had a rough night ;)

  32. smonkey says:

    doesn’t that look like bits of the pipe
    embedded in the front of the mass?
    (same material and apparent thickness of ceramic as pipe)

    Perhaps the pipe collapsed in that section
    and let in some kind of fungus or
    other funk from outside the pipe.

    As they dig through it it keeps flowing into the pipe?

  33. Sawdust says:

    Sounds like that weird corn starch and water mixture (mixed with a lot of dirt and stuff).

  34. Takuan says:


  35. Maurik says:

    I cant believe they want to renew the pipe.

    Surely you can get a chainsaw and cut little chunks out of it?!

    Can’t be that hard…

  36. Bazilisk says:


    “congealed fat people had put down the drain as hot liquids”…

    so it’s a clogged artery writ large? Oh swoon, as above so below indeed!

    Remember: this sample does not represent your whole generation. Only the members of it who read BOINGBOING. And of other generations.

    Yeah, BoingBoinger’s might be more into odd things that look like sci-fi than politics or sociology, at least when it comes to whether or not they think their comment will be useful or funny…

  37. Robbo says:

    Use napalm. But be sure to dust it with cinnamon first – maybe a few raisins.

  38. coldspell says:

    Deputy Public Services Director Kevin Gagne told News 8 the doughy, 90-foot mass is comprised of grease, flour and rags. (includes Google Map diagram)

  39. the Other michael says:

    68 posts and counting. Nice to know what gets people talking. Recession? Class Warfare? Nitpicking movies? No! Alien blobs in a sewer? Storm the pizzeria and boil the dough!

    Just a casual observation about my spoiled generation. Don’t get your hate on.

  40. SarahFenix says:

    Call the GHOSTBUSTERS!

  41. khaustic says:

    Couldn’t have anything to do with the massive JJ Nissen bread factory just down the road, could it?

  42. Steffi says:

    it sounds like they’re blaming sam’s italian foods.

  43. darrell says:

    Grey goo?

    (Also, first!)

  44. jeremedia says:

    The overlapping complexities and tribulations of our civic support systems never ceases to amaze.

    Don’t through your old dough down the pipes.

  45. bobkat says:

    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fnaghn!

  46. OM says:

    …You know what that looks like? A large wet glob of that cushioning liner foam they put under your carpet in most apartments. I suspect someone changed out the liner in an apartment and simply dumped it down the sewer rather than take it to the dump.

  47. squirrelgirl says:

    this is totally crazy! i literally live about a block and a half away from this clog and where do i find out about it? Boing Boing!!

  48. squirrelgirl says:

    ok… so it’s a little further than a block and a half. Google maps says .4 of a mile from my house to Sam’s. But still you’d think I would have heard about this somewhere other than here.

  49. ernie says:


  50. squirrelgirl says:

    also, that pizza place has been in business since 1939. I find it totally plausible that the blockage is 60-someodd years worth of flour and pizza dough that was washed down the drain.

  51. cinemajay says:

    Hmm, not quite unicorn chaser worthy. But definately gross.

  52. Daemon says:


  53. McGrude says:

    #4… although carpet padding doesn’t ooze.

  54. Dillenger69 says:

    This sounds like the beginning of an episode of Outer Limits or a B-grade sci-fi movie.

  55. bbum says:

    A neighbor’s house made a lump of lye soap that totally clogged his drain (then ate through the bottom of the pipe) through the combination of cooking grease and Drano.

    Four foot long impenetrable plug in a pipe in their concrete slab. Ouch.

    Worse, the Drano then ate through the pipe before the plug such that drainage re-commenced, but out from under the side of the house.

  56. Crash Chloride says:

    Doesn’t Stephen King place stories in Lewiston? This reminds me of his short story where a boys dad drinks a beer with slimey mold in it and turns into a white blob.

    First we have a dog hitting Stephen King with a minivan and now this. His books are coming to live. If I hear some idiot singing “Dig Yo Man” I’m out of here.


  57. mellowknees says:

    easy explanation: it’s the son of the son of the blob.

    Grandson of the Blob!

  58. c0nsumer says:

    I recently had a problem with mold in the drain of one of my bathrooms. It was really interesting because it only collected in the undersink bits, not the wall.

    I took photos, and they are here if you are interested. It just seemed like a solid, slimy mass at first, but when broken up it looked more like canned fish.

  59. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    Actually is a primitive lifeform discarded by researchers.

  60. GeriSullivan says:

    “There’s oobleck in the bathtub, the con ain’t over yet
    It’s pleasantly disgusting and it’s thick and white and wet.
    We know hotel security would say it’s got to go
    So there’s oobleck in the bathtub,
    but no one’s ‘spose to know.”
    – Elise Matthesen, many moons ago

    It took a long time for the oobleck to get all the way from Minnesota to Maine, that’s all I have to say….

  61. x says:

    OMG! I had repeated dreams about this goo as a boy. It was pumped from industrialized factories and had a slow terror that only can be felt while in that dream-like state. I think it is a mix of toxins, waste products, and the undead. I swear not even Al Gore can save us.

  62. Coaster says:

    It looks like chunks of styrofoam, though I have no idea if it would behave like dough if it were steeped in sewage for a while.

  63. gollux says:

    It’s a new and fearsome god forming from the toxic wastes of our civilization. All hail our new overlord as it soon joins the jellyfish in the oceans to take over our ecosystem.

  64. Talia says:

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  65. minTphresh says:

    food for russian space-roaches?

  66. Takuan says:

    I can’t believe I misspelled oobleck……

  67. Evil Jim says:

    I’m loving all these Lovecraft & Poe references here.

  68. Nelson.C says:

    Michael @68: Didn’t you make the same post on the Gibson thread?

  69. Anonymous says:

    I live in Portland and according to the news it is a blob of “dough, grease, and rags” that they suspect were dumped by a nearby pizza parlor.

  70. Takuan says:

    what? no respect for the other master of horror: Seuss?

  71. Anonymous says:

    cellulose / washer lint from a commercial laundry.

  72. CapnMarrrrk says:

    Beware of Flukeman!

  73. Christovir says:

    They have found smaller blobs (just a few feet across) blocking pipes in the region I live. They turned out to be congealed fat people had put down the drain as hot liquids, which eventually became semi-solid hydrophobic impenetrable blob masses. Maybe something similar here?

  74. starcadia says:


    - Homer J. Simpson

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