Send StopTheSpying a self-portrait with an anti-spying sign

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Stop The Spying campaign wants your help to send a message to Congress about granting immunity to telcos that broke the law and helped the NSA engage in indiscriminate mass surveillance of Americans. They're calling on US citizens to snap pictures of themselves holding anti-immunity signs that give city and state, and they're producing a gallery of these to present to Congress, to show the faces of the voters who believe in the Constitution.

# Get out your digital cameras, phone cameras, and webcams.

# Write your message on a piece of paper, and include your city and state.

# Take a photo of yourself holding your message. Be creative and make sure the message is readable.

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  1. It’s MY country, and MY responsibility to stop the abuse of the very document that was drafted to give us the freedoms we take for granted now. The least I can do is snap a pic documenting my opinion about our rights as Americans being trampled by the wealthy few.

    It is my responsibility as a human living in the United States of America(only a temporary designation, btw) to do my best to ensure that the charter that allowed this sort of self government to exist has every chance to fulfill it’s destiny. I fit does not work out, that situation IS ALSO written into the charter of the U.S.A., and it is our responsibility to address what must be done, namely, to change the system, by force, if necessary.

  2. um… am I missing, in some sort of where’s waldo sort of fashion, the painfully obvious, oh-my-god-I’ll-be-so-embarrased-when-the-scales-fall-from-my-eyes, hidden in plain sight, ever so artfully concealed city and state from this heartwarming and heartbreaking little tableau?

  3. @ #1,and #2. Maybe I need more coffee but I can’t understand what the hell ether of you are talking about.

  4. Has anyone read Ian M. Banks book — Look To Windward–? I loved it, as Banks reaffirmed one of my own core beliefs: all governments need good intelligence data, and when you don’t have it really terrible things can happen. And when you have it, you might be able to prevent something really terrible from happening. Banks makes it clear that there is the “ideal” (post-scarcity utopia)world, and there is the other world where nasty things need to be done to help protect lives. No one likes the idea of being spied on. No one likes the idea that every government needs to have a “dirty deeds devision.”

  5. @Jeff

    But I think Banks’s Culture is predicated on the fact that AIs run the government, and that the AIs love humanity (either from a sense of responsibility or as pets, no one is quite sure).

    The point being that it is people who are doing the spying in this case, and you can’t trust people to do the right thing.


  6. Don’t get me wrong. I love the EFF, but I am wondering what will happen with these images, after we show them to congress.

    Of course, you do know that these images with your picture, handwriting sample, and location will immediately put into your government dossier, and you will be labeled as activist & provocateur.

    Big Brother will very appreciative that you have capitulated another part of your privacy and appreciate your cooperation for identifying you with that visual record.

    Can’t we think of a way to preserve our anonymity and give this message to congress?

  7. Robert, the Minds of the Culture (most of them) seem to have a Big Brother/Father/Mother mentality–they take care of their civilization. No, they can’t always be trusted to do the “right” thing, just as all humans can’t always be trusted to do so. And the AI make mistakes, as was pointed out in Look To Windward. Banks pointed out that sometimes good plans turn out to be flawed. I know there are bad people in government. I know there will always be bad people. I also know that you have to fight fire with fire (once in a while). I want a government that can get down and dirty and beat an enemy into the ground if need be. And you can’t do that unless you’ve got it in you. You have to be bad enough to know what you’re up against. You have to know your enemy. I liked what the Allicance did to Germany. I like it when the bad guy has to pay with his life, or worse.

  8. I completely agree with #8 above. There must be a financially rewarding contract to be let in association with this. A fast talker should be able to convince HS that the best way to handle all this volunteered information about traitors is hand scanning of faces and handwriting samples with cross indexing and as many bells and whistles as can be imagined. You should move quickly before SAIC and Halliburton grab it.

  9. It’s MY country, and MY responsibility to stop the abuse of the very document that was drafted to give us the freedoms we take for granted now.

    The government is “YOURS” in as much as a tea leaf is responsible for the East India Tea Company. Stop deluding yourself.

    However, the [url=]Stop The Spying[/url] banner could be on a bumpersticker to help publicize this vital issue.

  10. Whoops, I failed to utilize the Preview button. I just hate hitting “back” and waiting for the page to load and scroll again to be able to post.
    Stop The Spying

    Where’s Jef Raskin to say that I should be able to undo/edit anything and everything, when I need him?

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