Sleeveface pool on Flickr


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  1. Jonathan Golub says:

    This reminds me of work by the artist Christian Marclay – he uses album covers in collages to great effect. Here’s a link with some good examples:

  2. Anonymous says:

    This thing is really catching on.. its all over the place. There’s even a ratemysleeveface now at

  3. connor811 says:

    Ha, I’m actually listening to Songs About Fucking right now. These remind me of something Christian Marclay would make.

  4. lamarlowe says:

    Okay, so this is people looking at art in a different way? I remember when I used to get excited about that sort of thing, way back before I became jaded. I guess I’m glad people are still janking on what passes for popular medium, …..I suppose, but they should watch every single episode of MST3K, just so they know what the unbeatable competion looks like.

  5. progosk says:

    Here‘s Daniel Eskils video for Knight Music’s “Green River Killer” that uses this to very chuckleworthy effect.

  6. aperryz says:

    I believe that this flickr group actually came first and is substantially larger. And they call them LP Portraits.

  7. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks to both of you. Great links.

  8. Andrew Baron says:

    Hi David! One of my favs too. ‘Just last week we translated this idea (having been inspired by the same Flickr pool) into video form, one of our better episodes I think:

  9. Steven says:

    @1 I’m having a bit of a hard time appreciating the video, given how thoroughly repellent the song is.

  10. Flakcatcher says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that youngsters nowadays still listen to Big Black. Maybe there is hope for the future.

  11. l0k1 says:

    i want that album!!!! quarterstick records wasn’t selling them last time i looked :( well not on cd anyway.

  12. PolishQ says:

    I can’t believe that out of all 700 entries, there’s not one Jandek LP.

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