TED pass on eBay

A couple of TEDsters sent me this tip:
One TED2008 Main Hall Pass has just gone up for auction on ebay. It's the only remaining legal way that someone can get into the event. The auction is being done with the approval of TED, because all the proceeds will go towards the Open Architecture Network, which was created in response to TED Prize Winner Cameron Sinclair's inspiring wish.

The pass, which guarantees coveted access to the main theater where speakers present, includes three special extras:

- a first-day meeting with TED super-connector Sunny Bates

- a coffee at TED with the brilliant founder of ebay Pierre Omidyar

- and a lunch with the charming, insightful and delightful Meg Ryan

TED2008 has been sold out for more than a year, so we suspect this is going to make someone very happy indeed. It won't be cheap, but the successful bidder will be making a philanthropic contribution to an organization that's empowering architects and designers to change the world.

TED2008 is Feb 27-March 1, in Monterey, California on the theme "The Big Questions."

Here's the ebay listing: Link