Armchair made from rucked-up felt

Lothar Windels from the Rhode Island School of Design created this "Joseph Felt Chair 2" in 2003 -- made from "voluptuous folds of heavy red and gray felt." Link (via Cribcandy)


  1. That looks uncomfortable. One of those folds would go up your butt crack and you may never get out of the chair after that.

    /The spell check tells me it’s “butt crack”, not
    “buttcrack” – who knew?

    #1 has a good point, as well. This chair is a nightmare. All style, no function.


  2. Oh great… it’s a Joseph Beuys work I can sit on.


    moon is right… the chair takes Beuys’ originality, adds nothing, and makes it into a dysfunctional commodity.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but that doesn’t look strong enough to hold up my ass. Good for lightweights maybe?

  4. Doesn’t it seem like a tiny model? Those rivets look like the kind that hold sets of plans together. You unscrew them with a flat-head screwdriver.

  5. I’ve seen these in person. They’re much sturdier than from what most people are inferring from that photograph. The felt is industrial felt and extremely stiff, plus there’s steel inside of it.

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