Clockpunk choppers: mysterious motorcycles made from watch-parts -- UPDATED

John Lupien forwarded me a ton of photos of these beautiful motorcycle sculptures made from watch parts. Unfortunately, he didn't know the artist's name -- and it doesn't appear anywhere on the pics, nor did my googling turn up any likely leads. Who made these things? What's the URL? Where do I buy one? Leave your answers in the comments.

Mystery solved!: These come from the Brazilian artist Jose Geraldo Pfau Kings -- many thanks to Miss Cellania! Link (Thanks, John!)

Update: Here's more (unattributed) work from the same artist -- thanks, Perry!


  1. My Portuguese isn’t great (okay, it’s non-existent), but is this the guy?
    (more pics and articles on that site)

    From Babelfish:
    “The author of this work of art is Jose Geraldo Pfau Kings (56), advertising executive more than has 30 years in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.”

  2. While it’s definitely not the same guy, there’s a fellow known as Lockwasher who has made motorcycle models among other neat things out of scavenged parts of vintage vacuum cleaners and other such appliances.

  3. For those interested in more, these are from another artist (I believe as the style is different) with even a reproduction of the Che’s motorcycle, bags and everything:

    And here are better (bigger)f the motorcycles of the Brazilian guy, an Easy Ryder replica included:

    I have both links posted in my site last year and as I explain there, I believe that the guy that made the Che’s replica and those other intrincate designs is Argentinian (my country of origin) BUT I am not 100% sure.


  4. Part II: Sorry for my previous post. Checking the artist’s site it seems they are all Brazilian. Weird, the style is so different and I could swear I have seen the metal ones in Argentina.

    I will update my posting too!

  5. Anyone have any idea if/where I can buy these? I’ve been searching or my dad’s 60th birthday present and have come up with zip. But he’d LOVE one of these for his desk!

  6. These look really similar to some window displays I see in a store close to my house. There’s a few motorcycles like these and one is definitely made up of clock parts.

    I took a few photos of them with my crappy cameraphone on my way out today, they’re on my Flickr here:

    The shop was closed today unfortunatly. Here’s the address to it if anyone’s interested.,+San+Francisco,+CA+94110,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=37.753157,-122.417307&spn=0.007075,0.015321&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=0

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