Human-sized Wacky WallWalker scales Japanese skyscraper


6 Responses to “Human-sized Wacky WallWalker scales Japanese skyscraper”

  1. anthropomorphictoast says:

    I <3 Japan.

    Being a child of the 80′s, this delights me to no end. :)

  2. Moon says:

    It wasn’t able to make it all the way down the tower, but the human-sized sticky man will still no doubt go down in history as one of mankind’s greatest achievements.


  3. joi says:

    This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to be Japanese. ;-)

  4. linguafranca says:

    Go Japan!
    Idea: Put the gooey stuff on your own hands and feet and go yourself. Anyone thought of that already?
    Now, I bet someone will try that soon.

  5. elchucko says:

    That was entertaining! I’d love to see that up close. Well, not as the goo-man…

  6. dannysland says:

    Deviation! You don’t “scale” downwards.

    OED: “To climb, get over (a wall or the like); to ascend (a mountain); to get to or reach the top of.”

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