Human-sized Wacky WallWalker scales Japanese skyscraper

Sho sez, "A Japanese TV show designs a 5'6" Wacky WallWalker, weighing about 154 lbs, to climb down a 110-meter skyscraper. The first try is not exactly successful, but a second attempt comes up with better results. Both videos are highly entertaining for the 8-year-old in all of us."

This is no ordinary reality show -- they've got enough cameras deployed to catch the merry mayhem from every conceivable angle. I love the school-group of little kids on one storey who are captured gasping and giggling as the WallWalker plummets past them. Link (Thanks, Sho!)


  1. Go Japan!
    Idea: Put the gooey stuff on your own hands and feet and go yourself. Anyone thought of that already?
    Now, I bet someone will try that soon.

  2. Deviation! You don’t “scale” downwards.

    OED: “To climb, get over (a wall or the like); to ascend (a mountain); to get to or reach the top of.”

  3. It wasn’t able to make it all the way down the tower, but the human-sized sticky man will still no doubt go down in history as one of mankind’s greatest achievements.


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