Alpha, residential science fiction writing workshop for teens


5 Responses to “Alpha, residential science fiction writing workshop for teens”

  1. mikesum32 says:

    Screw that. Where is the writing shop for everyone else ?

  2. Diatryma says:

    Futurpunk, you could try Clarion, Odyssey, or Viable Paradise. Then become an awesome writer, publish a lot, and *teach* Alpha.

  3. aclops says:

    Just a warning, there is an american christian group working under the same moniker. I would hate to have someone looking to improve themselves get caught in the web of scapegoat theism.

  4. futurpunk says:

    This sounds so amazingly cool. I wish I had known about this when I was younger. What about if you’re twenty-two years old? :(

  5. madwhit says:

    See…this is why I love Pittsburgh!

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