Biblical events as retold by Google Earth

In "God's Eye View," Sydney-based art collective The Glue Society portrays four major Biblical events as if captured by Google Earth: "Cross, Moses, Ark, Eden."

Creative Review blog says the group "is aiming to produce further works using the same satellite imagery next year but this time relating to mythological occurrences and major historical events." Link.

Above: Moses parting the Red Sea. (thanks, Clayton James Cubitt!)


  1. …Where’s all crazy the Christians with signs saying ‘Gd hts fgs’ and supporting the death penalty?

    It goes both ways, Om.

  2. There’s a lot of interesting commentary on this at the destination URL.

    To me there’s no difference between “Biblical” and “mythological.” I’d like to see these side-by-side with the further works the artist plans.

  3. To me there’s no difference between “Biblical” and “mythological.”

    Large parts of the bible are reasonably accurate historical records of the region.

  4. OM, could you please not do cliches? You’re funnier than that, and it only encourages people who aren’t.

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