Objects embedded in Brooklyn's asphalt


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  1. alexeck says:

    Very cool! Although I do wish auto shops would stop using lead balance weights. I see them regularly on asphalt as they fall off of wheels. (interesting stuff at http://www.leadfreewheels.org/)

  2. Xenu says:

    Life imitates Seinfeld?

  3. js7a says:

    As though the future ruins of our civilization have traveled backward in time to the present day?

    Wouldn’t they be more futuristic looking?

  4. racergreg says:

    There’s a handsome incongruity in seeing everyday contemporary objects in such archaeological postures, as though the future ruins of our civilization have travelled backward in time to the present day.

    Cory, that’s the most awesome sentence I’ve read in a month. Wow.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. Mario Fischer says:

    Maybe we can do this with a windows vista CD? Back to where it comes from… ;-)

  6. airship says:

    I remember when I was a kid we would dig up $100 worth of asphalt to retrieve an embedded quarter. Now I won’t even bend over to pick one up from the sidewalk. *sigh*

  7. Moon says:

    I don’t think there will be much discovery by the future people. These roads, sidewalks, etc. are dug up on a regular basis and the material is usually recycled.

    Sorry, future people. You are gonna have to do it the hard way, by digging in a desert.

  8. operator99 says:

    Wabi Sabi comes to mind – love the idea.

  9. Halloween Jack says:

    the future ruins of our civilization have travelled backward in time to the present day.

    For that, it needs the ruined head of the Statue of Liberty buried in the ground. Or a self-Polaroid of a sentient cockroach.

  10. jerry6 says:

    you found my keys !!

  11. Robert says:

    BTW… the vast majority of the items is contractor trash. Broken tools, nuts, bolts, sawblades, other metal bric-a-brac, beer cans. Kind of puts a different slant on the pictures.

  12. garyb50 says:

    Kudos for looking down.

  13. loudiamondphillips says:

    That is some handsome shit right there.

  14. Wickedashtray says:


  15. Georgia Tills says:

    LOL, somebody locked themselves out!

  16. Takuan says:

    now that the art value is established I will be investing in a gas driven diamond saw. Expect to hit some remarkably symmetrical potholes.

  17. nialldebuitlear says:

    I took a load of photos of stuff embedded in roads in Dublin when I was at college – here’s a link to some of my images

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