Man claims Blue Man Group forced a camera down his throat

A Chicago man filed a lawsuit against the Blue Man Group, claiming they forced an esophagus camera down his throat when he went onstage during one of their shows.
The lawsuit alleges the Blue Man actors circled [James Sroden], held his neck and arms and "forced his head back" to insert the camera.

"He was an unknowing and unwilling participant of a stunt that went bad," said Sroden's attorney, Anthony Romanucci.

"When I started struggling, it seemed like this fellow, he tried to be more aggressive with this device and shoved it way down my throat," Sroden said. "In the days after that, the nightmares continued. A few days later, I really panicked because I had blood coming from my nose."

Sroden said his throat was sore for days; he had a foul taste in his mouth and eventually lost a few filings.

The general manage for the Blue Man Group in Chicago says the act does not use an esophagus camera. It's just a trick:

"Essentially, we have a piece in the show where an actor holds a camera to an audience member's mouth, doesn't enter their mouth, and then we play a video," Kori Prior said. "We have been performing this show in this theater for 10 years and have never had this issue before."

UPDATE: Here's a PDF of the complaint.

Link (Via Museum of Hoaxes)