Utilikilt's irreverent "license agreement"


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  1. Jeff says:

    Ha ha, Cory Doctorow has a skirt and wears it too!
    That said, I love my utilikilt: camo. It’s fun to wear and feels good (love the breeze). I do not wear it in the winter.

  2. iain says:

    I think UKs are great news — why should men be limited to one fashion item, pants, and one only, from the moment they can walk until the end of their days?

    Sure, okay, we could agree to it, on condition girls ONLY wear skirts!

  3. doggo says:

    Say what ye will, it’s still a skirrrt. Aye, but it’s a manly skirrrt.

    That said, if I ever get married, I’m going full-on Prince Charlie and Forbes tartan.

  4. OsoMan says:

    Hahhaha… their site is down

    “Site reconfiguring due to traffic.”

  5. wolfrider says:

    I agree with Takuan:
    [quote]Further, I am not sure I could respect a kilt wearer unless they were properly “traditional”[/quote]

    It’s like wearing a Utiliyamika. If you’re not being traditional with it, or wearing it at a Renaissance Fair then you’re just trying to catch attention.

    I also think people should think twice before making statements like “chicks dig it”.

  6. Moon says:

    Hahahahaha! It’s not because you look like a goof in a kilt, it’s because everyone else is a hater?

    Nobody needs to see your knobby knees and especially, NOBODY needs to see your privates.


  7. Jeff says:

    Wolfrider, I forgot to add that dudes dig it! And birds seem to like me in me ‘kilt too (it’s all about the sox). I wouldn’t fib about something as serious as fashion!

  8. Bobdotcom says:

    “If it’s not Scottish, it’s CRRRRRAP!”

  9. Antinous says:

    Speak for yourself, Moon. I’ll have a peek.

  10. Miss Cellania says:

    I won’t believe you have one til I see a picture.

  11. ondigo says:

    Anselm perfectly captures the reason I have a Utilikilt.

    And as good as their release language is, nothing can beat that of the Nelson Rocks Preserve. http://www.nelsonrocks.org/disclaimer.html

  12. ill lich says:

    I remember seeing a guy selling modern kilts at a flea market in Seattle in 1991, I wonder if it’s the same people.

  13. Michael Hanscom says:

    [Here's four shots][1], Miss Cellania!

    Plus, with three UKs myself, I’ll happily vouch for the ‘chicks/guys dig it’ reasoning (not all, sure, but a good majority in my experience), along with [a number of other reasons][2].

    [1]: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=cory%20doctorow%20utilikilt&w=all
    [2]: http://www.michaelhanscom.com/eclecticism/2005/08/17/so-whats-the-deal-with-the-kilt-anyway/

  14. TJIC says:

    Let’s hear it for fun and amusing legal verbiage.

    In the disclaimer for one of my businesses, I wrote “if you weld your head to a pipe, don’t come crying to us”.

    To the credit of my lawyer, when he reviewed the document, he loved that bit, and insisted that we keep it.

    …and we did.

  15. Takuan says:

    wear what you like, just don’t ask me to hold your ladder

  16. Antinous says:

    I’ll do it!

  17. Fried Gold says:

    Hahaha, Cory, you rock.

  18. Beryllium says:

    Ah yes, the perfect solution to the ever-present quagmire of Appropriate Hot Air Ballooning Attire. Goes well with the cape and goggles, I’m sure.

    *thank heavens the gondola doesn’t have a glass bottom*

  19. loudiamondphillips says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but can someone explain to me the appeal of Utilikilts? To me, guys look absolutely ridiculous in them.


  20. Takuan says:

    as was explained to me by 300 pounds of hairy, greasy, sweaty kilt affectionado: ” You can’t split the seat bending over, it doesn’t chafe and the chicks dig it” Add easy concealment of quick-draw weaponry and they have a case.

  21. SaintCynr says:

    If chicks kinda dig you in the first place, a Utilikilt makes you very popular.

    Other guys hate them, though, usually. Some feel bad that they didn’t try it, some are too afraid of what other people will say, and some are just haters.

  22. loudiamondphillips says:

    I would object to the blanket “chicks dig it” assertion.

  23. Takuan says:

    I find it objectionable too, but it might be true. Alas.

  24. cha0tic says:

    Takuan, Beryllium, There’s a Utilikilt model with ‘modesty snaps’ so you don’t have to worry about holding the ladder, or the glass bottomed Gondola for that matter.

  25. EH says:

    I believe each Utilikilt also comes with free built-in affinity for Renaissance Faires.

  26. Takuan says:

    which would put me in the position of either asking the kilt wearer if such were in place or would he please attend to it….

    As intimate as a good working relationship might become, this crosses the comfort threshold.

    Further, I am not sure I could respect a kilt wearer unless they were properly “traditional”

  27. Karl Elvis says:

    THAT is why I’m a big fan of the utilikilts company. I mean, sure, they make a brilliant product (one I own many of and wear proudly), but that’s the product; I love *the company* because they do what they do with that sort sense of humor.

  28. Anselm says:

    I have a utilikilt and I love it. Why do I wear a skirt? Well, in no particular order…

    1) It’s comfortable. I have a vastly increased range of motion- I never realized just how binding trousers really were until I wore a kilt.

    2) Chics dig it. Yes, it’s true, I’ve had a lot of compliments on it. Sure, there are a few who think it’s awkward, but there are also many who think slacks are awkward. It’s up to you. I’ve also had many people tell me they weren’t huge fans of utilikilts until they saw mine, and suddenly “got” it- wearing it correctly (on the hips- not sagging, and not up around your nipples like a trad. kilt) helps a lot.

    3) They’re fucking indestructible! And they have those amazing cargo pockets.

    4) As a guy, my clothing options are severely limited. There is a plethora of creative and unique clothing for women, but as a guy it’s very difficult to find robust, manly-looking clothing in a non-traditional cut. Utilikilts fit the bill nicely.

    Sure, I don’t wear my kilt every day- I live in the Bay Area, it’s COLD these days! I will also readily admit that I wear something beneath it- the it’s a light twill and prone to blowing around in the wind. But hey, they’re comfortable, they’ve got style, and they sure as hell ain’t trousers!

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