Report: some recent iPods won't work with iTunes video rentals

Wired News reports that some relatively late-model iPod owners are discovering that their devices don't work with Apple's newly-launched iTunes video rentals -- even though those iPod models have a video playback feature.

As of Tuesday, the issue had been raised multiple times in Apple's support forums. So far the company's only response has been to confirm that movie rentals work only with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic and the third-generation iPod nano. Earlier iPods, including fifth-generation iPods sold before the September 2007 release of the sixth-generation iPod classic, are incompatible with rented videos.
Eliot Van Buskirk at Wired's "Listening Post" blog has more here.

CC-licensed image ganked from the photostream of Dan Taylor.


  1. From what I understand, the video rentals will only work on ipods that use a DRMed video output system. The older iPods had plain old analog video output and thus no DRM and no movie rentals.

  2. Now… if somebody produced a fancy, expensive t=shirt that said “DRM Sucks”, THAT I might consider buying.

  3. Whatever the reason is, it’s inane. I still have my 60 gig iPod with video (Gen 5 for those who keep track) and I have no valid reason to get rid of it. I’m not going to go through the hassle to get a new one just because a movie studio decides to treat ALL of their customers as thieves and forces Apple to deal with this DRM nonsense.

  4. I thought this was made clear during the keynote.
    either way, I knew about it that day… but it doesn’t really make a difference to me. I don’t own an iPod

  5. When those iPods were originally sold, they couldn’t be used with rented videos, only purchased ones. Now, they can’t be used with rented videos, only purchased ones.

    In other words, Apple has taken away a feature these iPods never had to start with.

    Look at it from the other side: people who upgraded to an iPod classic (the only way to get an iPod larger than 80GB) found out that their “Made for iPod” video accessories no longer worked unless they had Apple’s new Magic Pixie Dust Chip inside. You spent a few hundred bucks on those virtual-screen glasses to watch movies on the plane? Too bad. That dock you bought to use with your stereo receiver? At least you can still listen to music through it.

    Personally, if Apple offered me a firmware “down”grade for my iPod that removed rental videos but let me use old accessories, I’d install it.

  6. I purchase the 80GB iPod Classic just before a vacation only to find out… TA DA! No functionality with the Camera Connector. Luckily I bought it the day after the Classic went on sale and they traded me for one of the previous 80GB models that for the same price and I have been delighted with that iPod instead of the Classic. After reading the cascading list of complaints about the iPod Classic (not compatible with a ton of accessories, and slow response with the new interface, sound quality worse than the previous iPod, etc.) I was pretty happy I ended up with the one I got. Now I just to make sure it last a long time. :)

  7. sophie, I’d be worried about being kicked off for spamming. I notice you’ve only posted twice, and both were little blurbs for your store.

    Your product seems interesting, but your site does not seem to exist right now. Ah well, I guess I’ll go search me some belt buckles off the interwebs.

  8. I am another one that got an iPod Classic only to find it doesn’t work with the camera connector, only difference is I got mine for Christmas and so I can’t change it.

    The camera connector is about a third of the reason I got it.

    So I own 2 Apple items, and they won’t talk to each other even though they both say iPod on them in big letters.

    Thanks Apple

  9. It makes me sad that Apple has become so anti-consumer. The more power (marketshare) they get, the worse they get. They would be every bit as bad as Microsoft if they had the power.

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