The Fail Blog: internet FAIL pix, some old, some new.

Link (Via Scott Beale / MeFi)


  1. I’ve given some thought to what the non-parametric fail hierarchy should be:

    Monumental Fail
    Legendary Fail
    Epic Fail

    but that list is kind of sketchy at the moment….

  2. I;ve aslways considered Epic Fail to be a bit closer to Fail. I think Legendary should be at the top (at least, of those four choices). FailWiki!

  3. Epic, then legendary. WoW order :P

    And I’ll get fired, this is yet another way to waste a lot of time without producing anything :|

  4. oh man, i’m so behind the times… i only saw my first “fail” pic yesterday (or at least i only noticed it consciously for the first time yesterday). i’ve been laughing ever since.

  5. Daleks, as in the plural word for Dalek, never capsize, you thought-crime traitor! Once one does, its failure is analyzed by Canadians, using inches. Oh…then Mars blows up, but that’s the point. Then they learn from *that* too, again.

    And if only we just talked to the Borg, I mean Daleks, er Palestinians or Rome Sackers or Volcanos they’d like us and stop destroying our open border cities after enjoying open mileage strip clubs, down South. No no, we live in the Bush era. ALL STRIP CLUBS HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN. No threat of invasion.

    Besides, William Hillary elect (“we are the president”) will unwind male sex drives, the world over, unlike the actually masculine instead of merely frigid leaders of men formerly known as Beth or Joan, back in bareback riding days.

  6. NikFromNYC, just because they sell quadruple lattes doesn’t mean you have to drink them.

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