1961 monster toy commercial Great Garloo


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  1. dogu4 says:

    Not as good as “Mr Machine”.

  2. Antinous says:

    I had it. I was scared shitless of it.

  3. cstatman says:

    there’s one on eBay right now.


    but I can’t justify two THOUSAND dollars, I need to save up for the giant erector set

  4. tolchocker says:

    Adjusted for inflation, this thing cost $125.95!

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    Tolchocker beat me to it. $17.95 was pretty damn steep back then. Was this guy the equivalent of a Pleo . . . unaffordable unless daddy had deep pockets?

    I know that things like chemistry sets and model railroads sets could be pretty pricey back in the day, but they had educational and hobby value.

  6. sonny p fontaine says:

    the end is almost complete rip off(homage)of(to)James Whale’s Frankenstein. snuggle the monster.

  7. widgetking says:

    A couple of years ago, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago open up a collector’s robot section full of 50, 60 robots toys. This Great Garloo was very prominently displayed in several areas. My wife and I wondered who this Garloo guy was, now the mystery is solved.

    BTW: I recommend anyone in the Chicago land area to visit this collection, you are greeted by a life size (but motionless) Robby the Robot and there are toy robots from all over the world.

  8. dancentury says:

    Howard Stern’s favorite toy.

  9. devophill says:

    Am I right in remembering this commercial in front of a Sci-Fi movie?

  10. NikFromNYC says:

    This product was just recalled for the controller having sharp corners, now that the .22 caliber rounds you put in its mouth are no longer available, which due to Second Amendment issues prevented the kid, I mean now adult who runs the Consumer Products Safety Division from acting against this product before.

  11. Marble River says:

    Hoo boy, every so often the jingle from the Odd Ogg commercial pops into my head and won’t go away for a day or two. It’s in there now.

    Odd Ogg
    Odd Ogg
    Half turtle and half frog…

    or as we used to sing:

    half girdle and half clod.

    We were pretty clever…

  12. usonian says:

    Widgetking beat me to it, I met Garloo at the Chicago MSI last July – the Lesser toy robot collection is worth the price of admission alone!


  13. Bazilisk says:

    …Marx? MARX? During the Cold War? Bold name!

    -A young’un

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