DIY tractor culture in Poland


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  1. r0b0 says:

    Just want to add that this “DIY tractor culture” is spread all over the communist block, you can find them in Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, just anywhere.

  2. J450N says:

    This is a great example of “combinowac” (kombi-no-vatch), which is a Polish word without a direct English equivalent. Combinowac means to “work the system”. It can sometimes be negative (politics, public safety, etc.), but often is used to describe the action of solving a problem even when your told it’s impossible.

  3. Takuan says:

    a “work-around”?

  4. Cefeida says:

    I’ve seen worse around the countryside here- a wooden horse-cart drawn by what looked like a naked lawnmower engine, with two inebriated farmers at the oversized wheel. I wish I had taken my camera out fast enough.

  5. Pekar says:

    These are sometimes called doodlebugs in the US.

  6. Takuan says:

    once had the opportunity to purchase a new Ural (With sidecar!) for $300… I’m such an idiot

  7. Byte says:

    Those machines are called in Polish “Łunochody” (singular: Å‚unochod), like that Russian moon rover ( although the name has been Polonized.
    There are even races of such machines organized.

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