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  1. cory says:

    I’m curious about the top 10 list. Slightly more people are going from my hometown San Francisco to New York, than are coming back.

    Two theories:
    1) They like New York better! And stay.
    2) They get murdered.

  2. camvale says:

    Seems an awful lot of Finns have come to London. Where are they?
    It doesn’t seem they have gone straight back home.

    London to Paris is probably a summation of train and airline trips. Again, not so many have made the return journey? Is there something we should know?

  3. cha0tic says:

    If I’m reading that map right it appears that people don’t travel to Canada.

  4. yish says:

    thanks. I always said everyone passes through London, now there’s hard data to back that.

  5. velocity girl says:

    #6: Most major cities and destinations in Canada are in the southern part of the country. I think the top of what looks like the US on that map is actually Canada (to help orient you, the indent on the east side is Washington DC, the indent on the west is Seattle). The parts of Canada that don’t appear on the map are the northern areas of 6 provinces, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. The dots NW of “the US” are 4 cities in Alaska, and Whitehorse in the Northwest Territories.

    Anyway, thanks for the link–this map (and the whole dopplr website) is a really interesting look at economic globalization from the perspective of the jet-setting business class…

  6. steve rimjobs says:

    I was wondering a bit about Helsinki – London and even more about Finland being in the top ten destination countries, until I saw this was only dopplr users traffic patterns. An awful lot of Finns on dopplr then.

  7. remmelt says:


    They sat around with some beers on a Friday night and let the computer mine some data?

    I hope this was just tongue in cheek.

  8. Patrick Dodds says:

    Alternative map title: How the world was warmed?

  9. DGHilton says:

    Tokyo to Sapporo is the busiest air route in the world, by a fair margin. Did this include only international flights?

  10. zikman says:

    or any combination thereof

  11. BubbleDragon says:

    Can’t be only international, seein’ as several of the above listed flights are within the us. I’d say it’s more likely that the social aspect of the networking site leans toward westerners. But that’s just my guess.

  12. supaswag says:

    Again, (travel)history is being documented (and therefore written) by those who can.

    Would be interesting to see the recorded travel-behavior of the world’s war refugees during the years.

    ..and why is the discussion sponsored by hp?? Do I get some free overpriced print cartridges now? :)

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