Isabella Rossellini's bug porn


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  1. Mike8787 says:

    Did any of you even try to access the site? Obviously not, since it is down.

  2. sonny p fontaine says:


  3. Registrado says:

    I suddenly have a hankering for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  4. StrangeInterlude says:

    I always thought that Isabella had gone totally bugfuck, but this is ridiculous.

  5. trikitixa says:

    She’s obv. kick-out-the-jams awesome, but there are women who are just as beautiful and funny and weird. Like, all over, everywhere, throughout time and space.

  6. Poolorapond says:

    That’s Sean Young in the other bugsuit, right? And she’s wearing a catwoman outfit under the bugsuit? Right? I think I’m right.

  7. JamesMason says:

    Did the bug that’s being buggered puke or something?

  8. Peter Swimm says:

    Just when I think Im over my 12 years old crush…

  9. salutor says:

    Now I begin to understand why she dated David Lynch…

  10. Bitgod says:

    Ummm…so that wouldn’t be a furry, would that be a buggy?

  11. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    At long last my fantasy of Isabella biting the head off a male praying mantis has been fulfilled!!!

  12. Cpt. Tim says:

    anyone remember the show maniac mansion, with the uncle that’d been crossed with a fly?

  13. violet222 says:

    I saw three of these at Sundance, where Ms. Rossellini introduced them as being made for the (very) small screen: iPods and phones. She told the audience that they combined three of favorite things: the natural environment, animation and sex. They’re only sorta-kinda animated – she’s in them, after all – but they’re deliberately contrasty so that you can see them better on tiny screens. The sets and costumes seem rather primitive, mostly construction paper and other items easily accessed by non-movie makers like us. It was inspirational in that regard, but surreal.

  14. Dizbuster says:

    This would be obscenely awesome if I could only access the website.

  15. W. James Au says:

    Wow, I guess he really *did* put his disease in here.

  16. ill lich says:

    Sex is dirty, and this proves it.

  17. acb says:

    K Records artist Mirah’s last album, if I recall correctly, was a set of songs from the points of view of insects, about appropriately insectile themes. Perhaps they should talk?

  18. License Farm says:

    Just when I think she might be getting too old to be hot anymore she reinvents kink. She can be queen of my colony anytime.

  19. eclectro says:

    hahahahah! I was just thinking of Sean Young as I was scrolling down. The DGA thing was more of a cry for attention than a drunken outburst. She really needs to get her own bug suit like this!

  20. siegling says:

    I agree with Salutor. I think maybe she’s trying to get back together with Lynch. This is definitely his kind of love letter.

  21. afo says:

    now THAT’s art!!

  22. Moon says:

    This is RECENT? Hahahahaha! She is completely nuts!


  23. Moon says:

    Haha, AFO. Should we be worried about them drilling for oil near Isabella Rosellini?

  24. markbellis says:

    A bug version of Casablanca. NOW!
    “Of all the dead horses in the world, she had to land on mine”

  25. bobkat says:

    Isabella, I love you.

  26. mercermachine says:

    Not quite factually correct, that post. In still #2 she’s a snail. Slugs and snails are hermaphrodites with both male and female sexual organs. When they mate, each snail will fertilise the other, and each snail will then produce offpsring.

    That said, yes, she’s a durty, durty girl.

  27. EH says:

    i hereby nominate her to be the raddest woman ever in existence for all of human (and bug) history.

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