Top US general says: let my soldiers blog.


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  1. Jaysin says: is a website run by shannon larret the same guy as it’s just a photo blog from us solders.

  2. thivai says:

    Hm, I’ve found the following things on youtube from the kids in our military:

    1. Nasty video of some soldiers helping a fellow soldier pop a huge zit.

    2. Soldiers making a spider and scorpion fight in a glass jar.

    3. Soldiers paying Iraqi children a dollar to chant “F* Iraq.”

    Yeah, you know what? I’m not sure we’re losing anything from their inability to blog.

  3. Jeff says:

    In case anyone is confused about the issue, you do NOT have the same rights while you are in the military that you have as a civilian. We are limited in some things, expression being one of those them. I think the ban on posting in blogs is required, although not ideal. If I had to explain it to the people under my command I think I could do so in a way that would stress the need for control of information and security. In the military you know the rules before you sign up, or you should.

  4. Takuan says:

    why is this an issue? I thought all human rights were surrendered when one joined the army.

  5. pinguis says:

    Funny you tagged this civil liberties, since the military are by definition NOT civil.

    Wheter soldiers should blog or not, that si another question.

  6. cycle23 says:

    Amazing how much is on youtube and the web direct from the military in spite of the ban.

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