Web Trend Map 2008

 Webtrendmap3 Webtrendmap2008
Information Architects Japan created this 2008 Web Trend Map that positions "300 of the most influential and successful websites" on a Tokyo train map. Link (Thanks, Sean Ness!)


  1. cool but could be better.

    For example:

    Missing Veoh and Stage 6 on the dailymotion line.

    Demonoid doesn’t exist any more.

    Silverlight should really be on the end of the green line somewhere.


  2. Nice. But maybe it could’ve been done, say, with something other than a subway map? . . . Oh wait, here’s my likes and dislikes plotted on the BART Pittsburg/Baypoint line! Ooo look, I’ve renamed the Rockridge station “Lemon Meringue Pie!” So clever!

  3. Skype is listed at a node linking several lines together–maybe an argument could be made for this–but Paypal, a much better candidate for that spot, is one stop away. Hmmm… neat idea, but it could have been better thought through.

  4. @1: “Silverlight should really be on the end of the green line somewhere.”

    Yes, maybe it should be somewhere in the green line, for the sadness of everyone who cares to web standards, compatibility, bloatless sites…

    Good to see Python in this line!

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