Sculptural hood ornaments

Mascots Unlimited is a manufacturer of custom hood ornaments. There's an amazing variety here (almost makes me wish I still owned my horrible used Hyundai!), but then, Mascots does supply the British Royal family with their blingy hood-candy. Link (Thanks, AJ!)


  1. Recent EU regulations may mean that all new cars sold in Europe now look like krill-grazing whales, but at least the approved curvy shapes give any pedestrian coming into contact with the front of the vehicle merely a comprehensive selection of bruises and fractured bones, rather than the spectacular evisceration that one of these strategically-located hood ornaments could cause.

    I noticed that Jaguars in the U.S. still tend to have the meathook-like prancing Jaguar on their hoods, as opposed to a rather more epidermis-friendly button badge supplied on Euro-versions of the same car.

    Let’s not voluntarily equip our vehicles with butchery equipment ok?

  2. I agree about the meathook aspect.

    However, I am inspired to seek out the most overwrought ornament I can find for at least one of my bicycles…

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