Doll adoption warning notice

My daughters set up a doll adoption service. They wrote a warning notice to give out with each doll:


"You must feed your baby and take care of them every day. WARNING baby may bite kick scream or throw a temper tantrum. this could risk your health. Enjoy your baby!"


  1. Wish someone at the hospital would’ve given me this warning when my daughter was born. I could’ve been prepared at least for what is to come…

  2. LOL! Adoptive parents should also come with a warning sign: “Babies, parents may lock you in a closet if you bite or scream too much. Go with them at your own risk!”

  3. Speaking of Baby Dolly’s, I noticed this on Myspace: “Jon Beinart is paying you $$$ for pre-loved plastic baby doll torsos, limbs and heads with unusual faces. Jon aims to build a massive Toddlerpede with over 200 torsos.” I told him I had a Charlie McCarthy head I saved but I believe he wants us to contact him on his webpage using his contact form.

  4. For a more real world take on the issue of doll adoption, see this post discussing FAO Schwartz’ efforts presented on NPR. Racism being alive and as usual, not well.

  5. @#7, interesting post. Reminded me of this piece about black children and their self image, seen through the lens of which doll they prefer (hint: not the black one).

  6. Is it weird that I’m freaked out by the fact that the back doll (with the blue top) looks exactly like my daughter’s favourite doll, “Caitlin”? I mean, there must be a kajillion of them around, but seeing one not in our house looks so strange. Weird.

    THAT doll should come with a warning label: “Caution, this doll smells like talcum powder and is oddly addictive.”

  7. Xaxat, that’s the first thing I thought of too.

    One of the saddest, most disturbing TAL stories ever.

  8. This is just a test case for Hillary’s “It takes a Village” (instead of a family, to raise children) so when you get your assigned baby to take care of it, like you must take care of the Care Cameras in upper four corners of your box shaped “village” apartment. See, the baby we created for you, is YOUR baby, for a few years, until it can walk to Kinder Garden, in which we will nourish its mind with Good Ideas until she (boys never existed except as a myth) is ready for College Assignment.

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