Some Flickr users wary of a MSFT takeover

Some Flickr users are staging online protests over the prospect of Microsoft taking over Yahoo (Flickr is among a number of Web 2.0 services owned by Yahoo). Snip:

As soon as the news hit the wires that Microsoft is proposing a $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo, Flickr users began posting anti-Microsoft images, satirical "Flickr Live" logos and announcing they will abandon Flickr if it falls into Microsoft hands, fearing such a move would mark the beginning of the end.

“Well then, I’m outta here!” announced one Flickr user who goes by the name Judland. While Microsoft has established its dominance on the desktop, its web properties lag behind those of Yahoo and others.

Link to Wired News article. (image: Flickr user Steve Keys, from the "MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR" Pool).