10 Star Wars toys that unintentionally look like other celebrities

Picture 12-14 Topless robot has an amusing set of side-by-side photos of Star Wars Toys and the celebrities who look like them. Link


  1. NOBODY wants to have anything to do with John Kerry – even the Star Wars nuts!

    /Even his wife – good ketchup, though!

  2. Okay, having read the article I must admit I’m now far more eager to buy the ’12-inch Han Solo’ than I have any business being … but come on! Zach Braff!

  3. My cousin used to work for Hasbro as a sculptor in the late 80s and 90s. One of his first jobs was to model GI Joes. One of the perks for a job well done for middle management was to get your head sculpted as a GI Joe action figure.

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