Full body pyjamas designed to stop itching

These anti-itch pyjamas look like they would have been issued to passengers on the commercial space ship in Kubrick's 2001.
 News Graphics 2008 02 05 Npyjama105 The nightwear, which is produced from a fabric called Dermasilk, can also help reduce the itching endured by sufferers of skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

The pyjamas have been developed for Travelodge, the hotel chain, which carried out a survey to discover what kept people awake.

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  1. holy cow!

    I work with a woman who had chronic childhood eczema, and she grew up wearing something like this – except she called it a “cotton stocking for my whole body”.

    As a constantly itchy and allergic person, I want to say YAY for the relief these pajamas might bring, but I can’t foresee myself actually wearing them. I think I would feel too ridiculous, and probably not very comfortable.

  2. I would love to try that to quell the inexplicable itching I have….I hate taking antihistamines, and especially hate getting the shrug “could be anything” reasoning for the allergy from my doctor. Looks weird, but no itching….ah….

  3. I’m not sure what the people funding this project were thinking.

    “Welcome to Travelodge! We hope you have a restful night’s stay with us. You’ll want to put on these special anti-itch pajamas, though.”

  4. By dispensing these bodysuits, Travelodge can now cut down on changing sheets and anti-bedbug measures, decreasing their associated costs. This will benefit Travelodge shareholders immensely.

  5. I want some. and a helmet of some description.

    do you reckon it’s UV reactive – I can see crazy rave kids donning this.

  6. it reminds me of the woody allen movie “Sleeper” , which I guess is appropriate. what’s wrong with sleeping sans attire?

  7. Crazy Brits don’t know how to spell again. It’s “pajamas” not “pyjamas.” Furthermore, I would expect a Xeni commentary on this due to it’s strangely erotic qualities. Or maybe it’s the model? Nah. It’s the pajamas.

  8. Of course it is “pyjamas”, what colour is the sun in your sky?

    I wonder if these would help my jock itch.

    Did I say that out loud?

  9. Who else thought of Blade Runner when seeing this?
    It reminds of both the Replicants and Holden at the hospital.

  10. Hi, I saw this post and comment #2 and felt like writing in. I hope this story will help others find relief:

    I suffered from itching all over my body for years. It was not eczema or dermatitis according to 3 dermatologists. They just couldn’t say what exactly it was or why. It was the kind of itching similar to the sensation of wearing really rough woolen clothes, occasionally escalating to nettle-like stinging.

    There was no visible irritation of the skin.

    The doctors gave me anti-histamines, which sucked. They’re like shit drugs, especially the day after.
    The itching was seriously affecting my life, in a not-cool kind of way. Of course, i thought i’d caught scabies or something like that. I told my lover and she never rang back.
    I would get up in the middle of the night, itching & unable to sleep, and examine my skin with a magnifyiing glass looking for the bugs. I dunked all my clothes in a bathtub with water and insecticide. (See “A Scanner Darkly”).

    I was NOT withdrawing from any drugs, and it wasn’t funny at all.

    A nurse implied it was a psychoemotional thing, giving me the helpful advice ” You can do it, you can go through this”. Or maybe she thought i was a coke addict. This made me even crazier. I had problems finishing course work in time, because , due to itching, i couldn’t get enough sleep or be in any mood for doing any work. A professor implied i was having an allergic reaction to the work.

    I could not link it to anything i was eating.

    I then saw a herbalist who , after consultation, made up for me a mix of herbal extracts, but refused to tell me the recipe. It worked , but when it ran out , the itching came back , and I couldn’t afford the herbalist’s expensive blend on a regular basis.

    In desperation, i went back to see another mainstream dermatologist, and , after looking at my skin, he said : “Your skin looks really dry, you should moisturise it”. Thinking about it i realised i had never cared for my skin , and had spent several years bumming on the beach every summer, for weeks on end- lots of hot sun, salt and sand.

    Initially i had problems with this theory, as the itching would often occur even during having a bath, but then i realised skin is actually water repellent, and sitting in water doesn’t necessarily hydrate the skin deeply.

    So i went and got myself a bottle of PURE ALOE VERA GEL and covered my entire body with it (This is not spam or trolling!) . Voila! After a few days of doing this, itching gone!

    Ever since, the itching has occasionally threatened to come back and the Aloe vera has never failed to stop it.
    Highly recomended.

    There probably is a non-material element to this, which in the Ayurvedic system would be “too much fire”. Cooling foods, no spices , plenty of water and so on, also helps.

    Please publish this post, I am not a nut, this can be a horrible condition and i hope others will find relief with this affordable natural remedy.

    Cutting fresh Aloe vera and opening it to expose the gelly inside, then rubbing that on yr skin will probably be even better, and sexier in a pagan kind of way.

    (All the bottled gels i have seen contain small amounts of preservatives and stabilisers/whatever, id’say avoid those containing sodium hydroxide).

  11. Jeepers!

    That stuff is expensive. If you were going to buy what that woman is wearing, it would be over $200!

    You can get hookers AND beer for that kind of money!

  12. No matter where you are, if you put on these things, you -might- get sucked into an oxygen/gravity vacuum.

  13. i think they look hot! i have had times when i’ve got nasty dermatitis which i finally traced back to sulphites and thus have got it sorted now, but those things are sexy! seriously! i do hope it’s two piece or has openings in certain places so you can access your (or another’s) bits for the various purposes one wants to access bits for :)

  14. #6: My sentiments exactly! Absolute clubwear… Add a mirror-plated face mask and kick-455 Sennheisers to the deal for the ultimate android DJ gear!

  15. always looking for something that helps with the itching … i thijnk wearing gloves in this case just keeps you from scratching .. the itch is still there …

    surprised that they show it on a lady … guess it would look a bit different on your standard male business traveler :)

    And what that long Aloe poster says : yep … keep skin soft and greasy .. that helps a lot .. i had terrible psoriasis on my scalp … the 4th dermatologist i sought for help said that all the stuff i have been taking so far actually made the condition worse (like all that anti dandruff stuff) .. it dried out my skin … now i keep my head shaved, grease it every night with regular vaseline … and it looks like a baby’s bottom :)

  16. Rosacea + Medication that Makes your Skin Dry + Boston in February = I’ll try anything once.

  17. Travelodge spent money trying to figure out what keeps people awake and came up with “itchiness”??

    The few times I have been unfortunate enough to stay in a Travelodge, I had bigger problems than itchiness keeping me awake. Like drunks in the corridors and parking lot all night, like maids repeatedly pounding on the door at 7:00AM “HOUSEKEEEEPING!!”, like the room next to mine having 10 people staying in it and assorted other issues.

    The sad thing bout Travelodge is that they have a few good franchisees that run nice hotels (there is one in Phoenix which is quite nice) but they are so inconsistent that you can never make a reservation without first seeing the property in person.

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