Guy in polar bear suit arrested during Greenpeace protest

A Greenpeace activist was recently arrested for protesting in front of the US Department of the Interior while wearing an awesome polar bear suit. He was trying to draw attention to the Bush Administration’s delay in issuing a final Endangered Species Act listing for the polar bear due to global warming. Link to Greenpeace blog post.

But guess who made the costume? The exceedingly talented artisan Lionel, whose work was featured in two Boing Boing tv episodes about furries:

* American Furry #1: Life, Liberty, and the Fursuit of Happiness.
* American Furry #2.

... and in this Boing Boing post about how to make an Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing.

Lionel named this polar bear suit prototype "Snowshine." (thanks, Marianne Shaneen!)


  1. A guy in a furry apprehended by a guy in waders? Funny, sad and really erotic at the same time. And the music gives it an updated Benny Hill quality. Go Bears!

  2. I’m curious as to whether it’s just an open-minded activist or an actual furry :)

    My first thought was: “DON’T GET THE FURSUIT WET!!!!”

  3. For what was he arrested?

    Isn’t that public land?

    Did they get him on some sort of permit violation?


  4. reminds me of a sweet joke:

    Mama Polar Bear and Baby Polar Bear were walking along the tundra. Baby had a preturbed look on his face and Mama noticed it.

    “Why, what’s wrong, dear?” asked his mother.

    “I dunno, Mama. Something’s not right. I’ve meaning to ask you something for a while,” said Baby Bear.

    “You can ask me anything, love.”

    “Um, well, am I really a Polar Bear?”

    Mama laughed. “Of course you are, dear! You have beautiful white fur with big, black eyes and you romp around on the ice. No question you are a Polar Bear. And a cute one at that! Why do you ask?”

    “Because,” grunted Baby, “I’m fucking freezing.”

  5. I could be wrong, but I believe the Inuit people need to hunt the polar bear at a certain time of year. Would putting the polar bear on this list prevent them from a fundamental means of survival? I guess they can resort to trading bizarre derivatives on the FTSE.

  6. What – does the right to peaceable assembly not extend to polar bears? Why, exactly, was the bear arrested? The Greenpeace post doesn’t exactly make that clear.

  7. Although I agree it’s terrible what the White House is (or isn’t) doing, the music chosen for this short was pretty enjoyable =]

  8. “Boats float, polar bears don’t” au contraire, mofraire. Polar bears are quite adept little swimmers. It pains me to see attention given to this guy for wasting time and money on such a pointless non-issue. I want to give him a sign to hold up that reads “Humans of the Earth: DON’T WORRY – WE POLAR BEARS ARE FINE – But your people in Darfur are not, nor even the people sleeping on the street near me. Look after them first!”

  9. if polar bears were being hunted into extinction for Chinese aphrodisacs, people would be tut-tutting and letting it happen.

    What’s sexy about it is the canary-in-a-coal-mine relevance to our precious asses.

  10. The Penguin would have to make a long distance call for that.

    got another joke for ya:

    A baby seal walks into a Club.


    Thank you. Thank you, I’m here all week

  11. @17 Polar bears don’t float, they swim. And since they’re not aquatic animals, they can’t stay in the water indefinitely, so they still need some land to live on.

  12. also @ #17

    So, we should make a long list of everything wrong with the world and proceed down it one-at-a-time, whilst everything goes to shit?

    There are lots of problems, and frankly putting them in a ranked, definitive list is an impossible task, subject to personal and political bias.

    Whether polar bears (or any other animal) needs protection for it’s continued survival has NOTHING to do with the things we, as humanity, choose to do to do to one another.

    Polar bear survival and people’s betterment of life are not mutually exclusive.

    Get off the curmudgeonly soapbox.

  13. #22, Right. Show me any reports that say they are in danger of having no land. All the global warming hysteria is based on their natural ‘ice bridges’ going away and their not being able to adapt, supposedly. Plenty of evidence to the contrary however.


    Putting the worlds problems in a ranked, definitive list is actually a pretty easy task. If one follows the outrageous presumption that people, and I’m assuming you are one, are more important than bears, you’ve made a good start imHo.

    If only we could convince ourselves we were saving the world by buying expensive things that use less resources.

  14. If one follows the outrageous presumption that people, and I’m assuming you are one, are more important than bears…

    I’m not with you on that one.

  15. lift a finger

    “Building on a past NASA study which found a 2.9 percent decline per decade in total Arctic sea ice extent over the last 20 years, the new Canadian study further concludes that the sea ice season in western Hudson Bay has been reduced by about three weeks over the same period. The study says that, as a result of the reduction in sea ice, polar bears have less time to hunt and are returning to land in poorer condition.”

  16. @24,
    For example:

    Your turn.

    Also, classification isn’t nearly that easy. There are many potential consequences to global warming, and added up together they’d amount to something quite difficult to ignore.

    Even if you don’t care much about the bears, having your house end up underwater one day would be quite annoying. And if you don’t live in a place that’d be affected, you’ll still feel the economical impact, as somebody’s got to pay for fixing all that mess.

    I bet that improving the levees in New Orleans would have been a lot cheaper than fixing all that damage.

  17. A reduction in the sea ice season does not equal having no land. Case in point the study posted by #27, where the researcher states that the polar bears are adapting and *gasp* coming across humans more often. If the polar bears start eating people as an adaptation to losing their traditional hunting methods, do you then start to make judgments about who is more important? Or does the guilt from the Green doctrine that humans are the unequivocal cause of global warming cancel that out. Taking one for the polar bear team so to speak.

    Aside from the fact that global warming is probably independently happening regardless of human influence, as it has in the past and will in the future, and aside from that fact being brushed aside by eco-fascists as if there were zero room for skepticism, don’t you at least think that maybe, just maybe, there are bigger problems on the plate of the world?

    Poor Michael Griffin (the head of that beloved spouter of tipping point tripe, NASA) dared to raise the same question and was nearly sent to the firing line for it. He nearly lost his job, his credibility, his life, for saying that he’s not 100% sold on the idea that humans MUST do something about global warming.

  18. @28 As I suspected, you only see what you want to see. You point to the “adapting” part, completely disregarding the text that follows which says that there’s a limit to it and that it’s affecting the population.

    Also, feeding on humans is effectively a death sentence, so it’s not exactly a favorable adaption.

    Basically two options: starve to death, or go try eat a human and get shot.

    Yes, if faced with a bear I’d choose myself obviously, but I’d rather that encounter didn’t happen in the first place.

  19. “Was trying to draw attention to the Bush Administration’s delay in issuing a final Endangered Species Act listing for the polar bear due to global warming.”

    But polar bear populations are INCREASING not decreasing, and Global Warming is socialist-motivated politicized junk science, so what is Greenpeace really trying to achieve?

    Since the article doesn’t say WHY the bear was arrested one must assume it was for something which was ILLEGAL such as launching a boat in a park pond(?!), meaning done to get a picture and media attention, in other words it was a manufactured publicity stunt, so to raise more money for Greenpeace.

    How inconvenient that this year the polar ice caps have just shown RECORD RECOVERY versus recent fluctuations, most of which seem to have been due to VOLCANOES warming up the water up there:

    The fact that loss of global sea ice is in fact happenening at all is a LIE:

    This is all humorous except that Greenpeace wants millions of people to die by creating world poverty, by banning the gas that plants breath and that us animals and our cars exhale in abundance.

    Then there’s the fact that forest cover in the USA and rainforests is linearly rising by 10% biomass each decade, and has been doing so since 1940, exactly coinciding with the recorded boom in CO2 output due to man, and this is a linear effect, whereas any global warming by CO2 levels off logarithmically, so another doubling causes much less than another doubling in greenhouse effect, which given that CO2 is a very very weak greenhouse gas (vs. water vapor or methane) makes it unlikely to cause much actual warming at all anyway.

    When is this crap going to end? Look at the damn charts.
    South Pole (getting COLDER):
    North Greenland:
    Lots of stations in cities show rising trends since cities give off heat.

    Last but not least: global temperature and sunspot activity have been directly measurable since the 1600s era invention of good thermometers and the ability to count sunspots, and temperature correlates with sun activity, but not CO2 in the modern age:

    CO2 does correlate with ice core temperatures over many millennia, but it LAGS temperature by 800 years (the time it takes for the oceans to warm up and thus release more CO2).

    Yes, the Earth is warming. Things like that happen after Ice Ages have ended.

  20. Thu, February 7, 2008
    Manitoba declares polar bears a threatened species, protects habitat


    WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government has declared the polar bear a threatened animal under its Endangered Species Act.

  21. To Palindromic: “Au contraire, mofraire”? What exactly does “mofraire” mean? It sounds like a euphemism for a male who has an unnatural relationship with his mother.

    Or did you mean “mon frère”?

  22. The cops are just a bunch of fucking pigs who want to rain on the parade of people who are actually trying to make a difference.
    Its bullshit.

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