Jack Kirby & Stan Lee parody phemselves


Stephen Worth says:

It's rare for a publisher to allow a parody of its own characters, and unheard of for the creator himself to get the opportunity to make fun of his own creation. But back in the late sixties, the powers that be at Marvel didn't take themselves quite so seriously. Here we have the unthinkable... Jack Kirby and Stan Lee doing a parody of their own Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer comics!

"The Fabulous Fantastical Four Suffer Through The Saga Of The Silver Burper!" Marvel's Not Brand Echh! #1 (1967)



  1. I don’t know how “rare” this stuff is. Marvel seems like it has a pretty long history of self-satire with titles like Not Brand Echh! and Peter Porker: Spider-Ham.

  2. Don’t forget What The–?! and all the Fred Hembeck stuff from Marvel Age and Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe. DC has gotten into the act a little in recent years with the Bizarro Comics anthologies.

  3. Not as outrageous, but still pretty fun, an edition of the early “What If?” comic had the original Marvel Bullpen becoming the Fantastic Four.

  4. Ah, What The–?! was the other one I was trying to think of. And I had totally forgotten about Fred Hembeck! Good times!

  5. Umm, zombie Spiderman figures, y’all?

    Idk about anyone else, but these things were the bees knees to all my comic-buying friends as the local comic shop closed its doors forever…

  6. Sorry, i have to be the first jerk to say it:
    “Phemselves?” The P isn’t anywhere near the T on the keyboard. Not even Dvorak! ;p

  7. I still prefer Gilbert Shelton’s Fabulous Furry Fantastic Freak Four parody myself.

    (Okay, I’m only yanking your chains folks, don’t actually go looking for that one. Or if you do come across anything like it, by all means let me know.)

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