Documentary about women who collect fake babies

Channel 4 has a documentary series called Living Doll: My Fake Baby, about women who keep ultra-realistic dolls, known as reborns. They dress them up and take them out shopping and for walks in strollers.

In the comments section, Fee provided a very nice summary of the documentary:

There were a few women featured in the documentary. One was very sad, someone who had looked after her grandchild as a baby due to his mother's illness, and then had lost him because her daughter recovered and went off to New Zealand with the baby. I could understand why she wanted a grandson subsstitute, but it made me sad that there are so many families around who could do with an adopted granny with real children that she could hug, and instead of finding them she found a rubber baby.

One of the women was as mad as a box of fish, and had multiple fake babies because the real thing might make a noise or ruin its clothes. She made me very glad that she could have rubber babies and not the real thing. While most real parents hate that whole lugging around the pram and bottle and nappy bags thing, she loved all that - for a pretend baby. I think the truth is she is still a little girl at heart, and couldn't bear not to be the focus of everyone attention. If she takes her fantasy too much further she may find herself the centre of everyone attention - down at the local psychiatric ward.

Another woman who briefly appeared seemed to have a toy show in her house, hundreds of babies in cots crammed into a room. That seemed a bit obsessive compulsive really.

I think some of them are fantastics works of art in the realism, but I agree with others that the more real they are, the more creepy. In general, although I am a woman, I found the men's reactions to them most normal... nearly all regarded them as disturbing and macabre.

Link (Thanks, Phil!)


  1. I guess these would help if you’re grieving the loss of a child and can’t let go, but I still can’t help feeling those are among the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I forget the name of it, but maybe it follows the same phenomenon by which the closer something non-human approaches to appearing human, the more off putting it looks to us. Like clowns and cyborgs, I don’t think I’d ever want one of these in my house.

  2. My family’s pet ferret does this too, with anything small and round. Carries objects around and protects them. When it’s Christmas she gets into a small plush nativity scene and nabs the baby Jesus. It’s adorable to see her carrying him around.

  3. Sorry to be nitpicky, but is it WOMAN who collects fake babies, or WOMEN. (I shudder to think there is more than one). This is very weird and creepy.

  4. Sorry to creep you out Jake, but it’s women the plural, the doc follows multipal stories, 2 or 3 if I remember correctly.

  5. I watched this documentary and unfortunately didn’t realise it was perfect Boingboing material. There were a few women featured in the documentary. One was very sad, someone who had looked after her grandchild as a baby due to his mother’s illness, and then had lost him because her daughter recovered and went off to New Zealand with the baby. I could understand why she wanted a grandson subsstitute, but it made me sad that there are so many families around who could do with an adopted granny with real children that she could hug, and instead of finding them she found a rubber baby.

    One of the women was as mad as a box of fish, and had multiple fake babies because the real thing might make a noise or ruin its clothes. She made me very glad that she could have rubber babies and not the real thing. While most real parents hate that whole lugging around the pram and bottle and nappy bags thing, she loved all that – for a pretend baby. I think the truth is she is still a little girl at heart, and couldn’t bear not to be the focus of everyone attention. If she takes her fantasy too much further she may find herself the centre of everyone attention – down at the local psychiatric ward.

    Another woman who briefly appeared seemed to have a toy show in her house, hundreds of babies in cots crammed into a room. That seemed a bit obsessive compulsive really.

    I think some of them are fantastics works of art in the realism, but I agree with others that the more real they are, the more creepy. In general, although I am a woman, I found the men’s reactions to them most normal… nearly all regarded them as disturbing and macabre.

  6. Fee: thanks so much for this synopsis! Now I really want to see it.

    Darren: that’s the cutest ferret story ever. Even cuter than the one about the guy I knew in college who kept a ferret in his dorm that would climb into his bed at might and nuzzle my friend’s weird elbow rash.

  7. Hi Mark, you’re welcome, I’m only sorry that I type as though wearing boxing gloves at this time of the morning. And that I accidentally reported my own post in trying to find the edit button, lol.

    Can I be the only person wondering if your friend’s weird elbow rash might have been a ferret allergy?

  8. I watched this when it aired in Britain.. It’s really quite sad and disturbing.

    There was one part that I thought was way beyond.. The Gran, whose family had moved to New Zealand, named the doll after the grandson (weird enough), and then introduced it to him on a webcam. What is that gonna do to his head? My granny replaced me with a creepy rubber version.

    It just seemed delusional and disturbed.

    The woman who was featured making the dolls is clearly a fantastic artist, but she entirely encourages these type of see-it-as-a-real-baby clients, it almost seems a little exploitative of people in a weakened mental state.

    And ditto on what Fee said about the husbands, they (almost resoundingly) thought it was odd, and didn’t appreciate what it represented, although I fail to see the implied connection between her view and her gender. You didn’t have to be a man to see these women were batty.

  9. I remember watching this; very weird… what bothered me (besides the grotesque beauty of baby limbs and heads in plastic bags) was them walking into shops, or down the street, and someone stopping them… I mean, the person stopping them is expecting to see a real baby, and they see this freakily accurate doll? That would quickly become an awkward conversation :P

    I also missed the first 10 minutes, so had no idea the child was still alive – I thought it had died so spent the entire show thinking “you know, maybe it’s not so bad, she is just dealing with loss” – but then she is talking to the boy at the end via webcam, holding this slightly out-of-date doppelganger aloft exclaiming “look it’s you!”

    interesting but odd :)

  10. Hi Arkizzle,
    I suppose what I meant was that while some women loved them and some women agreed with the men, ALL the men thought they were creepy.

    Among women of my acquaintance it’s roughly half and half “aren’t they gorgeous, where do I get one?” (answer: ebay) and “yeuch!”

    Men are all in the yeuch department, haven’t found one yet who thinks they’re cute. Don’t know whether that’s a gender bias due to environmental conditioning or a real gender bias due to an innate female/male difference.

  11. @IKIGEG:

    About missing the first ten minutes, they definitely left it intentionally unclear as to whether her grandson was alive or not until the end. I thought it a little unneccessary, not exactly exploitative but muddied the waters emotionally… I guess I like a documentary to give me the facts rather than play around and imply (suggest?) things that aren’t true to build tension.

    The grandmothers husband got straight to the point: like something off a slab in the morgue.

  12. Sorry to be nitpicky, Jake0748, but questions end with a question mark. “WOMAN” and “WOMEN” need to be in quotation marks, and one doesn’t put a period both before and after parentheses.

    After all, if you’re going to be nitpicky over a simple typographical error (aka “typo”), you shouldn’t have such glaring grammatical errors yourself.


  13. I was confused for a moment with women/woman too. It changes the post– if there is one single woman who collects fake babies, it could be either sad or postmodern in some way. If there’s an entire group of them, it’s probably mostly sad with a side of creepy. It’s clear from the use of the plural in the post that it’s a group of women, not a single one, but the headline is what sticks in people’s minds most of the time.

  14. Let’s have a little perspective here, folks: this isn’t half as creepy as guys who treat RealDolls as their “girlfriends”. More sad, really.

  15. The whole “baby fever” thing has always creeped me out. It’s like some biological switch clicks over in a womans brain, her pupils dialate and her entire personality drains out of her skull.

    I have lost touch with a few female friends over the years shortley after they became pregnant because all of a sudden, they could literaly speak of nothing else. After the baby is born they turn into mommy-bots. No more TV, no more books, no more friends except other mommy-bots.

    The thing with the dolls seems to be extreme baby fever missing the baby.

  16. Is this any more odd than other parts of our society, like the irrational, unscientific fear of cloned food (or un-organic food) or the evolution boogie man? All of you who are called this “scary” I am sure have a other odd traits yourself.

    Stones….glass houses…..

  17. @ #22 BDGBILL
    As a husband of a Mommy-bot, while in some women the phenomenon might be bot-ish, I know that my wife’s change is solely the result of the demands of her desire to care for our son to the best of her ability. Socializing with other moms is the best way to gain advice and perspective. Its the thing she talks about most because she spends the most time and energy at it — but she can talk about other things. There’s really nothing strange going on for most women. Its just the effect of a very intense job — childrearing.

  18. @ #16 CRASH! BANG!:
    Actually, Jake0748’s nitpicky-ness was well founded. The typo in question did alter the meaning of the story in an important way… unlike the grammatical imperfections in Jake’s comment. More to the point, he made his point without acting like an asshole.

    “Comprende?” Jeez.

  19. FEE

    Thanks for clarifying :)
    Its still a little weird for me though, maybe it is environmental, because where I live, I haven’t met one single person, male or female (teenage or adult) who thought it was even remotely ok..
    Now, that sounds like I’ve done a poll of the nation or something, but in fact when I watched it I was quite shocked and asked around, and even got some people to watch the repeat, so I could hear their thoughts.

    I really didn’t hear anyone saying, “oh, thats so cute” it was entirely weirded out “wtf?” responses.

    I imagine there are some people who just see it like collecting minatures or hello-kitty stuff, but the circles hi-lighted in this doc were absolutely not of that ilk, as i’m sure you’ll agree.

    .. and ..


    I disagree entirely.
    Fears about GM food are encouraged by our press and media, and the consensus (peer reviewed) information is actually quite hard to come by in a day to day capacity. As a fear in its own right, it is in fact (irrational or not) well placed, as eating correctly (and trying not to ruin or food suppy) is centrally important to most of our lives.

    The people in this documentary are purposefully self-deluded, to the point of replacing real-life humans and relationships with replicas, and alienating their spouses.
    To put society, that has been led astray by the media and misguided government policy, in the same boat as these rather sad people (who probably could do with some councilling) is a bit off the mark in my view.

    Now on the Evolution Boogieman, you might have a point. In this day-and-age, creationism is self-delusion (dogma or no).


  20. Could someone post the entire video on YouTube or something? Since I’m not in the UK, it won’t let me watch it. :(

    I just had a look, and it’s only a clip, not the whole doc.
    Also, tried downloading the clip for you and couldn’t find the stream.. :(

    clever bastards (cleverer than me anyway)

  22. As a father I wouldn’t let a nutjob like within 10′ of my kid. That may explain mens reaction to this..protectiveness.

    Christ the first two years it was (almost)impossible to take her shopping without people wanting to come up and touch..get the fuck away from my kid!

  23. Arkizzle- I watched the clip, then downloaded and installed the 4oD player to try to download/stream the show. That’s when it said no. I had read the requirements, but hoped that it wouldn’t check or something. ;)

  24. God bless #25 TOESTUBBER, I feel redeemed. :) I wasn’t trying to be snarky in my original comment. And I know I’m not the greatest typist or puctuationist, but the comprende did seem a little harsh.

  25. I came across a ‘reborn’ maker on Etsy last week and was both fascinated and aghast. The dolls were very well made, but it weirded me out. They each came with their little life’s story and ‘birth certificate’.

    This seemed like such a bizarre hobby, I decided to dig a little deeper and found websites that offer baby parts for making these dolls. Little bags of arms and legs, a selection of baby heads… even ugly, premature or crying babies are on offer.

    Even as a little girl, I was not fond of dolls. This takes my ‘ick’ reaction even further. Zombie babies…

  26. I’ve only known one woman who was an avid doll collector, and yeah – it was utterly creepy to sit anywhere in her house. Not a single room (including bathrooms) was devoid of porcelain, rubber or plastic dolls. I only went to her house the one time with my husband, and we both blurted out “what’s up with the dolls?” to each other upon leaving. Worst of all, she had a live-in boyfriend who was not allowed to display any of his own possessions, nor move “her babies.” I didn’t waste all that much sympathy on him – after all, he picked her, and decided he was fine with playing second fiddle to a vast collection of artificial humans.

    Says a lot, though. And yes, she was a rather pitiable person; low self-esteem and very artificial in appearance and manner, controlling, uncomfortable around other people – well, real people that is. I don’t pretend to understand the psychology of “extreme doll collecting.” I did find it terribly uncomfortable to be around, and thought it a manifestation of a deeper personality problem in her case. Since I have never met another woman like that, I cannot claim any expertise or accuracy in my assumptions.

  27. @ #34 “extreme doll collecting”

    Sounds like a sport some useless TV network would make a reality show out of.

  28. This topic made me think of “Children of Men”–the book, not the movie. If you’re not familiar with either, they’re set in a near-future world where no human babies have been born for perhaps twenty years. In the book, some women respond by carrying these same types of dolls, treating them like real children. There was one scene where one of the dolls is attacked and crushed by a creeped out bystander. The book’s narrator doesn’t quite know how to respond; he’s creeped out too, but the woman is in such distress over the ‘death’ of her ‘child’.

    Oh, sorry..
    I tried to follow the link and it got me to install stuff, and it did some tinkery stuff, updated and installed other stuff..
    and after all that it doesn’t work for me. something about needing a different security cert in my wmp. also, it seems the 4OD player drms the video to ur computer for 48 hours worth.. so u couldn’t watch it anyway.

    so about that :(

  30. my ex-husband’s grandmother experienced all the indignities of Alzheimer’s disease, compounded by the belief that she could go to one of the hospitals and bring home one of the “crack babies” (this was in the 90s). They bought her one of those realistic baby dolls, and it provided her a lot of comfort at the end of her life. Evidently it satisfied her need to hold and care for a “baby.” after she died, my daughter ended up with the doll, and it was so realistic looking, i made her keep it hidden when she wasn’t actively playing with it. i’d see it and for a split second think i’d had a new baby and forgotten about it. we called the doll “freaky baby.” yeah, they’re creepy, but there are some unusual situations when they can be therapeutic.

  31. The slick coupon booklets that come in the Sunday newspaper have, toward the rear where the rates are lower, advertisements for realistic doll babies. I always wondered who bought those things. Now I know.

    (The supplements also have adverts for collector plates for various icky little dog breeds, and unbelievably tacky Thomas Kinkade religious kitsch.)

    This reminds me a little of animal hording, but far less destructive to one’s physical health and the cleanliness of one’s home. And, of course, there’s not animal suffering involved.

  32. My boyfriend works in a small retail store, and knows most of the customers that come in. There is one lady who wheels around one of these baby dolls in a carriage, and even feeds it using one of the toy bottles that empty when turned over and fill when right side up. That’s fine.

    The real problem is that she “abuses” it. She’ll pick it up, and ram it’s head against a counter. She’ll hit it, punch it. Swear at it. On a couple of occasions, tourists or non-knowing customers have called the cops on her for abusing her baby. When the cops get there, and see who it is, they usually tell her “[Name], it’s not nice to do that to your baby, now go home, it needs to go to bed.” The woman will then check out, and promptly leave calmly.

    Only once did they try to take it away. She put up so much of a hassle, she got arrested, and was apparently put in a hospital for a while.

    It’s apparently a decent coping mechanism, yet still very creepy…

  33. The schlock horror film writes itself! Creepy woman protagonist keeps winning reborning competitions, but no one knows they’re real– like the old Herschell Gordon Lewis movie about the sculptor. She never got over having lost her own baby long ago, and is compensating– she’s doing the babies a favor by stealing them from miserable (she feels) surroundings, “reborning” them (through some vivid, disturbing-to-watch process), and letting them be loved, admired, win ribbons at conventions, etc. “Reborn — You’re never too young for a second chance.”

  34. I’ve been on some of the websites of these reborning, uh, artists? The way they describe every detail of the process, stripping the factory color and then applying paint in thin layers, rooting each hair, replacing the eyes, all this painstaking ritual – you know what it reminds me of?

    Serial killers.

  35. I’m with @22…I know people who spend 30 hours a week playing a Tauren warrior…after pretending you’re a cow for much of the week, carrying around a fake baby doesn’t look all that odd.

    Presumably if this had some bullshit Second Life connection or could be made into some sort of avante garde art project it would be cool, but since it’s not I guess it’s safe to laugh at these folks.

  36. You know what we need? Robotics! Think Aibo. Reborn dolls that not only look and feel like real babies. They actually move like real babies and sound like one.

    Put something in it’s palm, and it’ll instinctively grasp it. Touch it on the cheek and it’ll move a little in response. Disturb it too much while it’s sleeping, it’ll wake up and start crying, complete with flailing arms and legs.

    Later models will be fully awake. Open eyes. Face tracking software. Smiles at people. Plays peekaboo. I call it “My-pet-baby”. :)

  37. The Last Starfighter?

    Also my other one was Clever Hans (Hands, Hans, get it? No? Hey put down that knife!)

  38. I’m sorry Arkizzle, I’m like that kid in second grade who always raises her hand and corrects everybody’s grammar (and gets beaten up at recess). Heh.

  39. If you thought the last one was easy, your gonna kill this one:

    Aerial Trajectory of the Co-Pilot

  40. Even if it’s not the answer, that’s awesome. I loved your first answer for the “fake counter” (faux adder) better than the real answer.

  41. GANG!

    lets try to keep it clear, maybe quote the game you are solving, because it’s a bit confusing with multiple games/answers happening :)

  42. oh! nice, i even saw the motorbike reference to “750 factory”, but totally missed the 1/5 bit..

    It’s you yanks using these archaic weights and measures that threw me :p

  43. dear takuan,
    Yes, it was The Fifth Element. I thought it was easy, but I couldn’t pass up the alliteration.

  44. I’m still on Sci-Fi. Yes. The Gallo brothers, will help you trace your answer.

    Arkizzle. The one in question is This. “No man is an Island” according to Mr Donne and dirt, or soil is Earth :)

  45. non, #69 s’il vous plait, ze numero 80 is how you say?: le crappe. But of course, I am ze poseur.

  46. RE: Drunk’s Drink

    Making dinner, I asked my boyfriend (rorschah), “What’s a science fiction movie that’s also a kind of crappy alcohol that’s also a cryptological animal?”

    Two seconds later: “Thunderbird.”

    He wasn’t even paying attention, he was drawing our friend with charcoal pencils.

  47. gee, round’s these parts we drink Lysol when we can’t get Bay Rum or chinese cooking wine. Vanilla extracts good too. Usta be Ripple.

    What’s with this “cryptological”? I;d watch my mouth or you might get a whale on the noggin. (He’s testy, not like Raven)

  48. Tukuan… is “the loner’s head and Bambi’s boy converge with the impalpable” a SciFi Movie from 1990-2008?

    Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man might work (for word count, and the second half. God knows I can’t find a way to make loner’s head and bambi’s boy into abbott and costello) if you count re-releases

  49. ThunderbirdS is the SciFi Thunderbird is the drink, which I drank gallons of as a student :) “Trace your answer”? :)

  50. Damn SisterY (and your BF), that was some nice gaming!

    Also, props to Cha0tic for solving mine, and takuan, for belatedly re-vocalizing Cha0s’ answer and trying to steal his thinder.. nice.

    Nice round people, Takuan’s Bambi mystery still looms..

  51. Agent 86 may cry “VICTORY IS MINE”

    the derivations are tortuous, tormented and tortured – but not quite outright lies

    sorry there Chaotic, was far too drunk to read yours properly – I blame the Irish.

    gotta go,a minor re-cert

  52. “Costello Name Meaning and History
    Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Oisdealbhaigh ‘son of Oisdealbhach’, a personal name composed of the elements os ‘deer’, ‘fawn’ + dealbhach ‘in the form of’, ‘resembling’.”

    mono-monk (alone) loners. monastery head= abbot

    set me up again barkeep

  53. Thanks for the roof supports Arkizzle :) I suspect Takuan may have written text adventures in a past life. No way in the world I would’ve got that.

    Acting as barkeep I propose We keep very quite during the marathon.

  54. we already did the Bruce Dern masterpiece. (don’t those robots look like Red Dwarf scutters?)

  55. (always had a soft spot for anyone who killed John Wayne) Now that I look at them again, I must be confused with another robot

  56. let me mount my bench:

    same topic

    “flower’s child, this sister of Chevalier Paul’s endeavour”

  57. Ahh sorry for the repeat. There’s a lot of thread(s) to unravel and it’s difficult to find the starts and finishes.

    I’ve only just noticed we’ve been rumbled at #86 here. Scarper! It’s the Filth! :)

    (I would have put a proper link, but do you know how long your profile takes to load Tak’, and then there’s the scrolling…)

    Look here Top centre, left and right. I think I spy both the mechanicals you were thinking of.

    So, eventually. *Dons pouch* Why? He’s going to pose of course.

    Half a Hybrid berry moves quickly.

  58. “The Filth” is UK slang for the coppers.

    Should #110 read like this?

    flower’s child, this sister of Chevalier Paul’s endeavour

  59. I’ll throw out an answer for Takuan’s, though I think it is wrong
    (I just like the thought of calling hippies “humanoids”, and I can make a case for deep, just missing the middle part)

    …now how about a clue, so I don’t have to stretch so much!

  60. flower’s child, this sister of Chevalier Paul’s endeavour

    Colossus: The Forbin Project

    Colossus = computer built by Tommy Flowers

    Forbin = sister ship of the Chevalier Paul, named for Chevalier Paul who was knighted in 1637.

    Endeavour = Project

    Oh Fuckin Yeh!

  61. My ridiculous derivation for Takuan’s (I admit this is far-fetched):

    flower’s child = rose’s baby
    Chevalier Paul = Sir Paul McCartney
    his daughter Beatrice’ name means “voyager through life” = endeavor (most far-fetched leap)
    Beatrice’s (half) sister, Paul’s other daughter = Mary

    Just thought you would enjoy the details of my suffering . . .

  62. are we all up to date? Anyone’s but Teresa’s pre-frontal lobe crusher outstanding? If no, quick! someone pose!

  63. Could it be ‘Evolution’ Darwin (Erasmus not Charles) was a member of the Lunar society? That Lizard item gave me the idea.

  64. That’s deep Cha0tic but nope. It’s not an obscure movie at all.
    Hey Agent 86, welcome to our pain.

  65. I’ve had ‘Battle for the Planet of the Apes’ floating round my head, but don’t know how the moon man is involved.

  66. naw, it’ll be a compacted, internally, referential pun…. she has a Godel poster in her bedroom

  67. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  68. a century of science fiction tends to fill up the crevices – too many associations (whine whine snivel)

  69. Sorry for the double post – why does that happen? Anyway I’m off to bed. Though one of these days you must tell me about (a) the protester-bomber chick and (b) your vivisection days. I had some of those myself (the latter, not the former).


  70. You guys are overthinking this one. Hint: it’s a two-word title and both words have been guessed.

    I’m having a hard time coming up with puzzles that are the right level of difficulty – especially because I don’t know you guys well. Any tips? Somebody else should make the next puzzle I think!

  71. “I don’t know you guys well”

    Takuan seems to know you well enough to know what you’ve got on your bedroom wall ;)

    I wouldn’t worry about difficulty level and not knowing how we think. As the solvers it’s up to us to learn how the setter thinks. It’s like cryptic crosswords in the broadsheets. They always tell you who the setter is, so you know their ‘style’.

    With that I guess ‘Star Wars’ and FWIW I think mine have been too easy.

  72. Arkizzle! Tenn! Sister Y and Chaos itself! I Summon You! I Adjure thee! Rise now at my bidding and stand!

  73. Takuan I would but I just learned more than I ever wanted to know about the history of, and copyright battle concerning, “The Girl from Ipanema.”

  74. that butters no parsnips, our sacred honor is at stake. We must solve the Evil Antinous’ riddle or all be consumed! (plus dissed)

  75. Antinous, no that part was WAY more interesting than the article I was reading.

    I keep wanting to guess “Under the Net” but that’s neither science fiction nor a movie.

    “So Close”?

  76. Ipanema was a novelty song before becoming elevator music.

    Is Lost a guess or a statement of mental capacity?

    Clue: The director has made only two films.

  77. Yeah I’m gonna leave that in your capable hands, Takuan-sensei ♥.

    Also if ChaOtic reads this, my boyfriend made me drink Thunderbird on my birthday THANKS TO YOU!!!

    It was citrusy and refreshing.

  78. Aeon Flux!?

    I fit it to your riddle, and I just checked and the director only has one other listed.

  79. I am summoned oh Takuan (That smell isn’t brimstone, I had Doner kebab after the pub last night)

    I must admit to being stumped. Again. I don’t get how you make Aeon Flux fit with the clue ’86.

    Belated Happy Birthday Sister. Glad you got to try Thunderbird. He MADE you drink it did he? Twisted your arm, held your nose and poured it down your throat? :)

  80. … Ignore that last guess. I missed your qualifier. Spielberg has 2 movies, I swear! Only 2. Really. It’s true.

  81. Is it two words or are we making faulty assumptions here?

    I’m sleeeepy. Good night. Will puzzle over it during standardized testing tomorrow.

  82. Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
    All through the night
    Guardian Elementals The Goddess will send thee,
    All through the night;
    Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,
    Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
    I my loved ones’ watch am keeping,
    All through the night.

  83. current, not rated, science fiction film, director two credits “insufficiently clear” – snarky

  84. Heh, I loved Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I didn’t realize he had a second movie out.

    …it doesn’t look SciFi? It does look entertaining.

  85. science fiction? “clear” = “bus”?? You got some ‘splaning to do mister. (I thought Hedwig was good)

  86. Takusan,

    Luuuucyyyy, I’m home!

    Bus – to bus tables – to clear tables. It took me a moment.

    However, Antinous- Scifi? How so, sir?


    invisible tsunami

    This one may be rather indirect.

  87. I’ve been missing out on all the fun! :(

    Tak, I think u need to ramp up your invocation spell to reach the UK.. I didn’t even get a tingly spine, and how’s that gonna work out when “the day” finally comes? pfft.

    I was gonna pose ‘Dark Crystal’ to Antinous, but it’s not ‘snarky’.. nor current.. emmm..

    (Also: Antinous is on board! Woo!)

  88. Nice, it’s no trouble, is it?

    Also, Antinous:

    You dastardly rogue. I can hardly think of answers, for the war going on between my brain and my finger, hovering over the link you posted.. I wanna guess the answer! BUT I WANNA CLICK THE LINK!


  89. invisible tsunami

    I’m pretty sure that it’s not Bunny Lake is Missing, but it would be really funny if it were.

    Meanwhile, an easy one:

    Doctor Bad

  90. Antinous,

    A word to the wise (while I try to restrain SisterY):

    Each time you pose a game, you have to state the topic or category, otherwise we’ll never get it..

    ..and coz it’s the rules dammit!

  91. hmm.. i thought phantom menace was a great guess :)

    one word eh?

    OK, this waaaay off, but i’m gonna let u in on my pain..

    Aragon?? :

    ARA = Tsunami = Wave “The model parameters for aerodynamic roughness from below (ARB) and wave-dependent roughness from above (ARA, z_0a) are assumed equal.”

    GONe = Invisible

    god damn.. i’m stumped, even after a brute force attack on wikiP sci-fi film list.

  92. Oh. There are rules. How petit bourgeois. You knew that it was a movie. Do you really require genre and time frame? And is SciFi the default genre since you all assumed it?

  93. think of them more as an arbitrary strait-jacket woven of razor wire and dipped in acid. “Rules” sounds vulgar.

  94. Three films, one director, order chronological, genre varies, time frame last thirty years, difficulty easy:

    The Greatest space

    Vampire Bean

    Happy self location choice

  95. Oh, best not to respond unless you have all three.

    Yours seems like it’s teetering on the tip of my brain, but Tenn’s is impenetrable.

  96. As to Tenn’s offering, I propose this, not least because of the leading man, whose specter has been lurking in this game.

  97. Where is the little tyke, anyway. She’s left us a puzzle and then evaporated.

    Anyone working on my threefer?

  98. I have exhausted my major lines of inquiry into your puzzle, Antinous.

    One of these was Vampire Bean = Sucker Punch, but no dice on matching other movies.

    I also really wanted it to be Fatal Pulse, but that one was a stretch to begin with.

    Just sharing my suffering. ♥

    Would I be correct in assuming, based on capitalization, that “Happy self location choice” is a one-word title?

  99. Yes, I try to capitalize as appropriate.

    For those who give up, here is the director. That should make it really easy to figure out the films, but is a last resort and an invitation to scorn and derision.

  100. Antinous I got yours (I must admit consulting my boyfriend, though not your link – I have my honor!).

    The Greatest space – The Duellists – some philosophers (says my boyfriend) think that the greatest space is between the mind and the body – dualists, har har. I keel you.

    Vampire Bean – Blade Runner

    Happy self location choice – Gladiator


    well done Sis fer gittin’ ’em, and well done Antinous fer posin’ ’em!

    Nice Game people.

  102. She’s not going to come. She keeps ignoring my pleas. There is no invisible tsunami. The whole thing is just a cruel joke.

  103. If Antinous is wrong about Tenn’s, then I guess this.

    -Toddles in, the little tyke-

    Sorry dears. Prom and the other threads distracted me! Have meant to be coming back all day!

    Anyway, the round goes to Agent86.

  104. Aw, cheer up boys. Ark, you were on the right track with waves! I’m simply obscure, that’s all.

    And because I know you don’t want to go comatose and you’re all just whining, the next clue is, Christ redux.

    Come on, I want something to solve!

  105. OK,OK, where the hell are we? Aside from Teresa’s long ago(possible) poser, who has what currently outstanding? Gimme a minute, I’ll compose one

  106. I had a kind of tossed-off one in the untitled thread –
    That which is dumped in response to an internal error

  107. SF film

    “Varley’s Wizard’s mistress’s son’s son’s daughter’s sister’s slayer’s wife’s stretch”

  108. No but that’s funny!

    The puzzle is more definitional than a translation/synonym.

  109. you mean #3?

    geek Slang.
    1. a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.
    2. a computer expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.)
    3. a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.
    [Origin: 1915- 20; prob. var. of geck (mainly Scots) fool < D or LG gek]

  110. Yours gives me a headache every time that I try to think about it. Also, you’ve referred to literature, which is not my strong suit. But I’m working on it.

  111. where is that young one Tenn? I need to check if the modern game Metal Gear’s Ray is derived from Murray Leinster’s Wabbler of 1942.

  112. I’m boiling in the blood of mortals and the ichor of Titans. You bastard. This one may take a while.

  113. I’ve tried that and I now have a bunch of great ideas to pitch to the studios, but nothing on your entry.

  114. I am wracked with guilt. Surely, as I go to slumber now, my evil conscience will grant no rest. Ashita.

  115. Comedy/Horror

    “Where reckoning tartar’s seed sprouted High-die1001110001000″

  116. Nein, Agent 86. Any other takers?

    Where am I? Where am I Takusan? School. Not doing my homework. You know. The usual.

    Agent86, you think strangely. I hate you.

  117. “Her name is the Latinized form of the Greek Ανδρομέδη (AndromÄ“de). The etymology of the name is “to think of a man,” from ανδρός (andros) “man” combined with μήδομαι (mÄ“domai) “to think, to be mindful of.”

    well done

  118. I was obsessing on Homeric characters at first, which is, by the way, a long term psychological issue for me.

  119. Science fiction, sir!

    Antinous- Let me guess. Tiresias, right? You see yourself in him. Well. As well as you can, being as you’re a blind prophet. I’m right, aren’t I.

    Suggestion on mine- Get your head out of Attica.

  120. I’m angry with Agamemnon. I’m disgusted with Menelaus. I’m completely disappointed with Achilles. Three and a half millennia and they still piss me off.

  121. Come on, old man. Live in the present. Plenty of people to piss you off today and tomorrow and the day after that!

    Then again, I imagine they do.

    Breathe in, breathe out, man. Takusan’s got a tunnel to the liquor store, hasn’t he? Doesn’t he share?

  122. *pokes*

    Did the game die, or maybe move? I’m backlogged on my BoingBoing reading by about 3 days, but I still need to waste some time wasted.

  123. Agent 86, we’re still working on Tenn’s Christ redux.


    Feel free to pose one my brother.

  124. No, no, and no.

    I’m sure there are some cunning linguists among you who can figure this out.

  125. Agent 86, we’re still working on Tenn’s Christ redux.

    Working being a euphemism for drinking vodka from the bottle and chewing the skin off our fingers.

  126. I imagine Antinous is more of a Fellow Taoist, than a Cunning Linguist, if ya know what I mean..*nudge nudge* *wink wink* *say no more*

    ugh.. c’mon, it was right there..

  127. I don’t doubt that, Ark. Fact remains that I am a cunning linguist in this instance. The winner will be one as well, no doubt.

  128. Round to Taku-san!

    I look about as much like Halle as I imagine you do. I’m more of a Shadowcat. (But not the one in the movies.) Or maybe a shorter, non white haired rogue.

  129. 1) Can we move this to a shorter dead thread? This takes for-fucking-ever to load. This one has a pretty picture.

    2) Can everyone refresh their live puzzles so that we don’t have to paw through the last 75 posts to find them?

    3) I’m putting my shield and my piece up for the night. The mosquitoes are getting hungry.

  130. How is this game played? You guess the movie based on vague hints? From what I gather we have “Christ Redux” with cunning linguist as a hint, and it’s a SciFi movie.

    That could be anything, like the “Matrix”? There’s no shortage of Messianic figures in popular culture is there?

  131. Noen my sister, the game is to guess a movie (the default class is sci fi movie 1900-2008) based on a specific sort of hint – that is, imaginary translations of the titles, like the game they play in PKDick’s Galactic Pot Healer. (Imagine translating, say “Children of Men” into, say, Japanese, and then back again. You might end up with something like “Lineal Descendants of XY(plural)” (okay it’s a stretch but you don’t have to use strict translation). The latter would be the clue.

    Past puzzles:
    The vegetarian Catholic celebrates St. Patrick’s Day
    Answer: Soylent Green (best puzzle evar)

    Occidental millieu
    Answer: Westworld

    Happy self location choice
    Answer: Gladiator

    Also we’ve moved to this thread. Please to be joining!

    And I think Tenn said Christ redux was X Men 2, as guessed by Takuan.

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